Pegatron to start shipments of low-cost iPhone, next-generation iPad mini in August, sources say

“Pegatron has landed orders for an inexpensive iPhone with plastic chassis and next-generation iPad mini from Apple and will begin shipments in August, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes. “The upstream supply chain will start shipping components for the new iPad mini and iPhone in July.”

Chen and Tsai report, “A next-generation iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad reportedly will appear in early 2014 and will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics.”

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    1. Apple has reliable, safe, integrated devices connected to a vast interactive ecosystem. Android devices — no matter the manufacturer — enjoy none of the Apple strengths and sport some features whose lack of integration, memory and energy burden, and dubious performance can hardly be termed advantages.

    2. Thanks for the complete misunderstanding of what Apple is and what they do. Just because others hurl anything at the wall at a fever pitch to see what sticks is not Apple’s style. (The new Galaxy S4 was reviewed as having a lot of stuff you’ll never use and it’s sales have plummeted.) Never will be. Quality over quantity. Patience is rewarded. Apple is more genteel whereas Android is an ill-thought out cornucopia of consumer flash with mediocre substance. And a horrific amount of “open source” malware/fragmentation. 33% of all Android users enjoy the latest Jellybean OS as opposed to 93% Apple iOS 6. Only 10% of all Android phones are the larger ones called “phablets” from a small though vocal minority. Doing the real math tells the real story.

      1. The percentage of larger Android phones has nothing to do with how well larger iPhones will sell. Did the number of smaller tablet sales matter when the iPad mini was introduced? mmmmmmmm no. The same applies here. I ‘d hink a genius like you would’ve thought about that before posting such a flawed comment. Your foundation is weak. You base your fanboy comment on something you have read. Think. Think for a minute. Stop acting like a fanboy for just one minute. Just like I haven’t heard from the numerous naysayers (constantly) when the iPad mini came out I’ll bet I don’t hear from you when the larger iPhone is announced by Apple.

        1. There is nothing remotely flawed in my comment as you veer off into uncharted thoughts. You must have not read my comment because I think we are actually not that far off. I never said Apple wouldn’t sell a lot of larger iPhones. Yes there is a market for that just as there was a market for smaller iPads. But not even Android lovers buy the larger phones in any great quantity compared to their overall market share. With Apple we shall see. I agree Apple’s large iPhone WILL be the best and will take a lot of air out of Android’s tires once and for all.

    3. Hmm, no Apple is never catching up. They are always creating their own and staying on top of their own curve. Apple develops by its own standards not by following someone else. Android was a blatant rip-off of Apple, so there you go.

    4. It’s not who is first. It’s who is making the most profits. Amen.

      If Apple even expects to stay within seeing distance of Android sales in Asia, I think they absolutely need a lower-cost smartphone that Asian consumers are able to afford. However, I don’t want to see that cut-rate smartphone come even close to American soil.

    1. Yes, I think it will. They won’t sell it unless they can make money on it. It will still have good margins. But eventually overall margins on hardware is going to come down. That’s inevitable. Apple won’t make all their money on hardware they’ll make their money through monetizing all those iTunes accounts. The hardware will be a way to get people in the door. It will always be better than the competitors hardware but eventually margins will come down. Apples margins have been skyhigh. It’s impossible for them to keep margins that high. Hopefully they’ll be able to monetize iRadio and eventually own the living room somehow. But yes, the lower-cost iPhone will help overall revenue/margins. But the real gain is that it will introduce more people to the Apple ecosystem. Once you’re in you’re not likely to leave. Gotcha!

    1. I don’t know about life, but for Wall Street a company offering quality over quantity has little or no value at all. At least in Apple’s case it doesn’t. It’s always the highest sales numbers that’s most important to Wall Street.

    1. Speaking of Pegatron, hey MDN what ever happen with the picture of Megatron’s body and Peg Bundy’s head. I get a chuckle when you guys put that up?

  1. Reliable Info, my Ass (or maybe Phil Schiller’s) It makes no sense that Apple would release a next gen iPad mini 5 – 6 months before the next gen 9.7″ iPad. Maybe an additional model with perhaps Retina Display.

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