Apple’s rising star: Craig Federighi

“A new frontman for Apple Inc. is emerging,” Jessica E. Lessin reports for The Wall Street Journal. “At the company’s annual developers conference Monday, little-known executive Craig Federighi got the most airtime during the keynote—and strong reviews.”

“With the spotlight came an important task for the senior vice president of software engineering: maintaining the loyalty of developers and impressing technology insiders with Apple’s latest software and designs,” Lessin reports. “The lanky, 44-year-old engineer has a long Apple pedigree. He worked at Next, the other computer company founded by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and joined Apple when it acquired the company in 1997. But despite earning the respect of colleagues for his focus and affability, he has remained behind the scenes for years.”

Lessin reports, “Federighi’s rise caps a long climb that began alongside [Scott] Forstall — but quickly diverged. In the early 1990s, both were bright, rising stars at Next, where Mr. Forstall worked on technologies behind consumer software and Mr. Federighi worked on databases. While Mr. Federighi developed a reputation as an enterprise guru, Mr. Forstall closely aligned himself with the consumer side and Mr. Jobs.”

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