Apple to unveil ‘sweeping changes’ to iOS operating system today – report

“Apple Inc. is preparing to unveil sweeping changes to the software powering iPhones and iPads, seeking to reignite desire for its products and blunt the advance of Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg.

“Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook will kick off Apple’s 24th annual developers conference in San Francisco today by unveiling a new version of iOS with a simpler user interface that will scrap design features such as simulated paper and faux-wood bookshelves, according to people familiar with the plans,” Satariano reports. “The period since the iPad mini debuted in October marks one of Apple’s longest product gaps in more than a decade, coinciding with a 37 percent share slide from a record set the previous month.”

Satariano reports, “he redesign of the software behind the devices that generate more than 70 percent of Apple’s sales is a crucial first step toward renewing consumers’ interest, according to Ben Reitzes, an analyst at Barclays Plc in New York. ‘Apple has been in a funk and this is an important event to highlight how they are innovating,’ Reitzes said in an interview. ‘We need to see that next big innovation.'”

“Apple will also unveil a music-streaming service, people familiar with the plans said last week,” Satariano reports. “The feature won’t be available until iOS 7 is released later this year. Apple may also announce enhancements to its maps and Siri voice-recognition software.”

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  1. Really? A big change on iOS because Apple wants to reignite customers’ interests?

    If Apple really design products from this perspective, I will be very disappointed.

    The reason Google releases beta Glass may be for that exact reason tho. I don’t believe Apple will use this approach. They prefer going through all the though works in “lab” first. Not until its good enough (ummm, Maps the exception I guess) from the functional point of view, they won’t bullshit too much.

    I like their style.

  2. I’m so ready for an iOS refresh. I was just looking at my iPhone dock last week thinking how silly it looks with the 2-D icons sitting up magically on a big tilted sheet of glass…

    Time for something clean/elegant/refined/beautiful/essential…

  3. Apple has been in a “funk”? Apple innovates more in one year than the automobile industry innovates in ten! Is Toyots in a “funk” because this year’s models don’t fly?

  4. renewing consumers’ interest?

    the media is describing apple as if it were on the brink of bankruptcy. there was an article in one the leading newspapers here in germany today that had the headline: can wwdc save apple? it is bizarre.

    but maybe apple has to blame itself a bit. going 8 months without any news and watching the stockprice collapsing without doing anything against it makes them look like in paralysis.

    1. You have hit it head on. Apples big error has been to allow others to set the agenda and look arrogant at the same time, after all it was predictable at this stage after SJ’s loss that the detractors would behave exactly as they have. SJ had the ability to make fools of these detractors when they became too mouthy, has Apple still got that ability I wonder. Today will part of that answer as it needs to be inspiring because sadly the the great unwashed are beginning to believe all the negativity as spurious as most may be. And perception is everything.

  5. This reporting is such BS. Apple’s sales of iOS devices has only grown year after year after year. Sales have not flagged. Interest does not need reigniting. Interest never left. This reporter and Bloomberg is just so full of Sh!t. How about just reporting facts instead distortion and fabrication meant only to color the story. I swear Bloomberg is in bed with Samsung.

    1. More likely they have small brains that would have become extinct had it not been for a media that is hostile towards anything that wants to be/act differently. They see it as ‘superior’ and we can’t have that can we.

  6. Apple is in a funk because they don’t introduce life-changing products avery 3 months to get journalists all excited? What a crock! Who are these people that write this stuff? People who will never create anything except frustration.

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