Apple to stream WWDC Keynote live via Safari browser, Apple TV today at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT

Apple today will stream the company’s WWDC Keynote live via Safari browser and Apple TV.

Viewers can watch streaming video from the special event online or via Apple TV.

Live Streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

The big event starts today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT here:

MacDailyNews Take: Excellent idea!

Apple could sell more Apple TVs if they simply streamed Steve Jobs’ keynote presentations from Macworld Expo, WWDC, and the special events throughout the year LIVE… Just as they now stream movie trailers on-demand to Apple TVs, Apple should stream live Apple events to those with Apple TVs. I’m not saying this will sell millions upon millions of additional units, but it would sell some Apple TVs. If nothing else, it would be a nice perk for the Apple faithful.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 5, 2007

MacDailyNews Note: We will cover the keynote with our customary live notes, so you can watch in one browser window and comment in another. The link to our live coverage is here.

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          1. Since when does a new iteration somehow not count as ‘new’? If anything in Apple’s current hardware lineup sees a refresh today, are you suggesting it wouldn’t be appropriate to use the adjective ‘new’ (ie – new Mac Pros, or new iMacs)?

            I think you need more coffee.. your synapses aren’t all firing properly.

    1. Yes. That could be the single big thing at WWDC. It looks as though most things have been leaked out so there aren’t going to be any surprises. Unless ATV is opened up to developers. That would be very, very nice. It’s going to happen sooner or later so why not do it today. I’d love to use my ATV even more than I do now. That’s a game changer.

  1. Does this include the WWDC app? It doesn’t matter since if you can run the WWDC app then you have the required ios, but it would make sense to have the live stream in the app

  2. I think this is really awesome. Its got its own icon on the screen and everything. So far, off to a good start for WWDC. Maybe this is a sign as well? TV APPS!!!!!

  3. Novice question. Why can’t we run OS apps on a Mac. I would love to be able run the apps on my mac instead of having to switch back and forth. Also why can I not read a book on my mac, that is the only reason I buy from kindle. Why Apple would handcuff itself I have no idea.

    1. Different chip tech. The OS is the same at the core, but otherwise is different. This could be done through emulation, but as we see with Win 8, not having a touch screen would make using these apps unpleasant at best.

  4. They should stream this to people with Windows PCs who are using Safari as well. I think many would be interested enough. Who knows, some might be persuaded to upgrade. And most iOS users are using Windows machines now.

  5. Well – bug surprise, the live stream is not working. Stuck on the licensing disclosures pages. refreshing doesn’t help, and yes, I meet the system requirements.

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