French Open tennis player uses his Apple iPhone to dispute umpire’s call

“On Monday, during the ongoing French Open tennis match, Ukraine’s Sergiy Stakhovsky was upset about a call the referee made about where the ball landed in relation to the boundary,” Joshua Pramis reports for Digital Trends.

“The call resulted in Stakhovsky’s loss and… after unsuccessfully having words with the umpire, according to ESPN, Stakhovsky whipped out his iPhone and snapped a photo of the mark the tennis ball left in the clay. He then took to Twitter to showcase the photo with the message, ‘Well…here what you asked for…,'” Pramis reports. “He plans to take the photo to tournament supervisors to review.”

Pramis reports, “While a decision has yet to be made as of press time, the outcome could have an impact on the future of professional sports. If the call is overturned, we could very well see a trend, where athletes become their own documentarians, using their mobile devices to benefit their personal game.”

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Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky takes a picture with his Apple iPhone after contesting the decision of the umpire. (Photo: AP)
Ukraine’s Sergiy Stakhovsky takes a picture with his Apple iPhone after contesting the decision of the umpire. (Photo: AP)
Anna Edwards reports for The Daily Mail, “‘I’m now expecting a fine, actually, so I’m going to go and fight,’ Stakhovsky said. ‘I believe it was a bad call, it was a bad judgment. After all, we are playing on clay, where you should be clearly able to read the mark, and unfortunately, not all of our referees are able to do so.'”

“Stakhovsky decided to gather proof for his case, getting his phone and walking over to where the spot in question was, then leaning over to get a close-up of the red clay,” Edwards reports. “‘It was just spontaneous. It’s never thought through,’ he said. ‘When you see it, you get frustrated, because you saw the ball is nowhere being out and the frustrations comes in.'”

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  1. He lost the match and badly. It’s obvious that Sergiy’s poor performance eclipsed that of the umpire. Perhaps members of the audience should post photos of Sergiy’s mistakes, blunders, and athletic failures.

  2. It makes no difference if Sergiy was playing poorly. If the ball was, it was in, and he should get credit for it. Period. Good for him for sticking up for his rights to have his good shot counted. Justice should always be done, even if wasn’t the better player. In fact, all the more reason his shot should count!

    1. Anyone familiar with sport and atjletics recognizes a loser like Sergiy immediately. The umpire’s missed call is trumped by Sergiy’s poor performance. And, you are wrong, his poor performance did make a difference. If the match was close Sergiy may have had point from his stunt, but, if fact, he was simpey outclassed and severely beaten, and the umpire’s poor call would not have made a difference at all in the final outcome.

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