Microsoft’s cheap shot at Apple’s iPad actually spotlights exactly why Windows 8 tablets suck (with video)

“A brand new Windows 8 ad pits the iPad against Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet, in an attempt to show how much more versatile the Asus VivoTab is vs. the iOS device,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch.

“Microsoft uses Siri’s voice (which isn’t difficult, given that it’s a fairly generic computer-generated female tone) to highlight what the Windows 8 tablet can do that the iPad can’t,” Etherington writes. “The problem is that not only is the Siri construct weak and her actual lines poorly written, but the abilities Microsoft chooses to highlight show exactly why it doesn’t ‘get’ the tablet market. People aren’t looking for multitasking PowerPoint slide deck-creating machines; they have computers for that.”

Etherington writes, “The closing bit here is maybe the worst part; showing that Apple’s iPad can easily provide a remarkably realistic experience for playing Chopsticks on the screen is not the way to trash your competition, especially if you noticeably can’t offer up an equivalent experience on your own hardware.”

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    1. Just take a look at the latest results from HP and Dell to see the impact of Windows 8. Grasping at straws seems an appropriate cliche. Even a company the size of Budweiser is dumping windows for iPad for their sales force.

      1. Open your eyes…

        the last frames compare pricing.
        iPad 699 vs Surface 449

        the Winblows Tablet – Surface RT 64 Gb is $599.00 Cnd
        the iPad 4 with retina display 64Gb wifi only is $699.00 Cnd

        easy come – easy go – little high – little low…

        the entry level Apple iPad mini 16 Gb is $329.00 Cnd

        doesn’t really matter to me…

        momma, Apple just killed a MacroSloth…

        1. That isn’t a Surface. It’s an ASUS VivoTab. Microsoft doesn’t dare compare their own hardware to an iPad, not just because it fails on price, but because it fails in every other way too.

      1. I think Powerpoint is a bit last century. Most people are using a video of some sort.

        Have you ever sat in a meeting lately where they are using PowerPoints. Argh!!! Just shoot me now!

  1. I think it is a fair criticism of the iPad that there is no scheme to layout multiple apps all operating at once on a single screen. I think having the secondary app devolve to iPhone UI size and enabling cut and paste between them would be very handy in some limited cases. But not until the iPad is like 20″ and sits on the desk all day doing nothing but iWork.

    1. Actually, I will shock you, the iPad is remarkably good at running multiple apps AND doing presentation layouts. You simply turn on 4 finger app switching and “flick” between apps (similar to multiple desktop switching on a desktop machine) and there are several extremely strong drawing/paint/graphics/layout apps. Actually it’s kind of remarkable just how good it is at that sort of thing.

      That is the biggest problem with this ad. It is absolutely BS, the only group this would work on is those who would buy a win powered tablet without even looking at an iPad (unlikely at this point given their respective market positions)

      MS is still marketing like it was 1999 when they 90% market share and are the “de facto” standard. The only individuals this ad would “work” for are those who would have only considered the ms powered tablet, no matter how inferior it is to the iPad. At that point you are preaching to the choir and the attempt just becomes a waste of money (for MS).

      1. You just hit on something extremely important !!!!

        Sure the iOS is simple and easy to understand yet there are functions that the DroidFolk think iPad can not do.

        Its just plain false. Youtube has tonnes of Droid demos expressing, things like iPad cant take screen captures. Its ridiculous.

        iOS can do plenty – and it does it extremely well both on iPad and iPhone. The problem, however, is that many people out there (including iPad users) don’t seem to know about the deeper feature set of this wonderful device. And that needs to change.

        Apple could do a better job at showing the benefits of the iOS with commercials or website demos. It could be handled in a similar fashion like PC vs Mac guys.

        1. I agree with this 100%. There are a ton of shortcuts and hidden features that make iOS even more functional. The double space at the end of a sentence that creates a period is one example that I have shown to a lot of people. There are many others and I believe that Apple is not doing enough in the education area.

    2. Wrong. iPad can and does run multiple apps at once, but Apple chooses not to have them on screen at the same time. I believe this is a specific decision to maximize battery life by not having multiple apps graphics being updated constantly.

      The reality is people can’t really multitask anyway, and particularly not on a small screen. Now add a touchscreen interface, and we really can only do one thing at a time. Multitasking, particularly on a batter-powered mobile device, is a red herring.

      1. Yes I know it runs them all at once. But there are several scenarios where two apps on screen can be useful especially if you have a larger screen than the iPad.

        For example, at 20″-32″ diagonal you can compare two documents from different programs say looking at a full-color diagram and the text you wish to associate it with in a third document you are creating. Apple has accommodated some of this by allowing imports from the photos app.

        It is somewhat problematic on the iPad because ideally I would want the image program open to choose the image copy it, and then use a four-finger gesture to move back to the last program I used in this case the text program.

        Import and export should work for all programs if it can be done securely.

  2. This is targeted to the CIO/IT that currently runs the majority of businesses in the Country and Planet. This ad is perfect for them and a shotgun to make a point that iPads are useless when the CEO or employees starts requesting iPads. You guys need to see it from these CIO/IT Drones of Microsoft point of view. This is the last stronghold for Microsoft and they will do just about anything to keep that LOCKED IN STRANGLEHOLD in the Business World. Keep that automatic revenue flowing by giving their Generals in the field ammo.

    1. Unless you are so damn far behind the competition that your Asus VivoTab isn’t on anyones radar.

      In that situation, there is no problem telling the target audience that your latest hail mary is kind of like an iPad.

  3. A more flexible and seamless ‘door’ into other apps would be nice at times so you can simply drag where it is appropriate especially images or notes, instead of clicking between them or through menus. But don’t really need them to be completely open on the same screen virtually ever however. But can we have a ‘back’ button/swipe to take us to a previous screen state, twitter manages it if inconsistently at times and safari does it beautifully with a swipe on my new iMac.

      1. I love four finger swipe but sometimes you have to compare things in two different documents at once. I really don’t think there is enough room in 9.7 inches to do that effectively but it would be fun to try.

  4. Old advertising rule:

    #1 in the market never talks about #2. Microsoft is admitting they’re #2 by even mentioning another brand. (also why Apple almost never does direct comparison ads)

  5. Correct, Apple uses Keynote to play Power Point files because Microsoft’s software is not required to do that. And yes, Apple chose to use Push vs. run multiple apps to conserve battery power and add speed to the app you are using at the time. And yes, Apple’s iPad does not require the same amount of RAM to hold unnecessary spaghetti code of a Windows 8 OS that the tablet does not require.

    These are the many things that are wrong with Microsoft’s concept of a tablet! Has Steve Ballmer considered what he will be doing after the Microsoft board cans his dancing monkey … Ok, that isn’t nice to say about special needs people or socially unacceptable (uncool) CEOs.

  6. look i went to the windows store and looked at this thing a salesman actually picked it up and handed it to me as if lifting the thing would convince me of its value . what i did notice was it was thick and heavy there was even a goofy square ridge on the back that made it actually thicker in the middle the screen looked like the border made usable screen size actually very small. i would not give them ten bucks for the thing and judging by the numbers of customers in the store at the time nobody else will either. get ready for a lot of wasted mall rent for microsoft (bye bye retail stores) and i personally have never had a microsoft upgrade go smoothly i would not bring that subject up to users who have had days of calls to tech support to get stuff working after the typical “update “

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