Apple iPhone, iPad cleared for use on U.S. military networks

“The Pentagon cleared Apple Inc. devices for use on its networks, setting the stage for the maker of iPhones and iPads to compete with Samsung Electronics Co. and BlackBerry for military sales,” Nick Taborek and Tony Capaccio report for Bloomberg.

“The Defense Department said in a statement today that it has approved the use of Cupertino, California-based Apple’s products running a version of the iOS 6 mobile platform,” Taborek and Capaccio report. “The Defense Department has more than 600,000 mobile devices, including 470,000 BlackBerrys, 41,000 Apple products and 8,700 devices running Google Inc.’s Android operating system, according to the agency… Samsung, the largest seller of smartphones for commercial use, worked with the U.S. National Security Agency to create a secure version of Google’s Android operating system with multiple layers of software and hardware protection, Tim Wagner, a Samsung vice president, has said.”

Taborek and Capaccio report, “The military has said it wants employees to have the flexibility to use commercial products on its networks. It plans to create a military mobile applications store and hire a contractor to build a system that may handle as many as 8 million devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, here’s a wild idea, how about the USA deploys only the best to support the USA’s best by supporting the best products which also happen to come from the only U.S.-based company on the list and one of the truest American success stories ever? You know, as opposed to a failing purveyor of Canadian antiques or an IP-thieving South Korean peddler of plastic knockoffs?

We know: Sounds crazy, but there it is. Call us the crazy ones.


  1. But, but, but I thought Android crap phones were outselling iPhones by a margin of 2:1? Listen MDN, I think you’ve got a typo on your article. Shouldn’t that number be 870,000 Android devices? You better check your facts with Eric Schmidt, MDN. He’ll tell you there were one billion Android activations for the DoD.

  2. 470,000 BlackBerrys?
    That is insane, not the number but the fact that some idiot has bought them. I believe that the US military alone is responsible for keeping BlackBerry alive all this time. I am stunned… Some one needs to be fired over there. Work with Apple and deploy the best technogy…

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