Time to worry about Apple, again, as stock drops below 50-day moving average

“Apple Inc. has dropped below its 50-day moving average for the first time in nearly a month, suggesting the technical outlook has turned negative,” Tomi Kilgore writes for The Wall Street Journal.

“The stock was down $16.06, or 3.6% at $427.80, and has now lost 7.8% since closing at a three-month high just six sessions ago. The 50-day MA, which technicians use to gauge the intermediate-term trend, comes in today at $434.87,” Kilgore writes. “‘Closing below the 50-day MA is not a ‘magic bullet,’ but it would deem [the outlook] negative,’ said Stanley Dash, vice president, applied technical analysis at TradeStation Securities.”

Kilgore writes, “The key level to watch, Mr. Dash said, is the early-March and early-April lows around $419… If that level breaks, there isn’t much left on the charts until the April low of $385.10.”

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  1. Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – 10:09 am · Reply

    I want to take this chance to express my feeling on AAPL and GOOG price tonight !

    Is there justice in the world ! Google stock price is now 90x , people buying it like people in earthquake or end of the world buying foods in supermarket .
    AAPL at the same time being dumped like u shit .

    What kind of valuation is it ? With apple cash , I think google wont have the same amount within the next 20 years . Is that what the mothetfuckers like !? Huh !!

    I seriously warn u mothetfuckers , I am not an easy man , I will insult u till I die . Don’t push aapl down to $400 . Don’t test my limit of patience !

    Are u gonna make AAPL drop like exactly what GOOG rises ?

    Fxck u mothetfuckers . ( sorry for my rude words ) I am just very unhappy .

        1. Oh yeah? it’s been so aggravating to see Apple drops just with rumors since last Sept. and holding Apple is not because of the current team but with products conceived by Steve Jobs. Eventually
          I’ll be looking for exit !

          1. September WAS your exit point! $400 area is your reentry point If you feel the need to invest in AAPL again. It will retest the $400 neighborhood before June. That has been pretty well understood by most who follow the stock.

            1. yup, too late now. who knows how the current Apple team assigned by SJ before he passed away going to manage the company. Had
              so much confidence in them from the beginning, but now, I’m just
              seeing a B team not even an A. Employees voted for full confidence in them because of employment stability (money with stable job). So
              far, the team haven’t shown any remarkable achievements, maps?
              next new product ? earnings? Still waiting since SJ.

    1. It’s rude people like you that make the internet an unpleasant place to spend time. You chose to invest in AAPL, you need to accept the consequences. Don’t stoop to namecalling, it won’t make one ounce of difference. Be an adult.

    2. They don’t appear to be listening. Looks like they’re a little tougher and meaner than you. They don’t seem to be worried about your anger issues. Take your medicine and then take a nap.

  2. I don’t see why people are worried. Apple products are tremendously popular. As long as people are buying their products, and Apple is making money off it, that’s all that matters, right?

    1. Nope. Many of us have invested significant amounts in AAPL shares. The stock market games take on new meaning when your a$$ is on the line.
      I think that Apple’s silence, what with no recent events or product announcements is shaking up the big investors. I personally think this is because they are working on some very big announcements this fall and are trying not to become distracted by media demands and stupid stock analysts. Long term I believe they are working on more great stuff. Steve did not leave any bozos in charge.

  3. Googles shares haven’t been split so they are worth about the same, and people are messing with apple stock in order to make money, once WWDC starts it will shoot up and they will sell and make millions

  4. ” ‘suggesting the technical outlook has turned negative,’ Tomi Kilgore writes for The Wall Street Journal.”

    Not at all. The technical outlook has not changed. The BS factory has ramped up in the last week. That’s all. Kilgore is just one of the BS generators.

  5. If you have been watching the Google Keynote you know that they just raised the bar for maps and search significantly. While Cook and Company try to fix the lame Apple Maps application, Google has moved the marker again.

    Apple should spend it’s money by inventing the future and instead they are handing it out and taking on debt to please Wall Street.

      1. Where the mobile market seems to be moving is not where Apple is doing well, nor is it an area that Apple has traditionally done well in.

        I am not a doomer, but am not impressed or pleased with what we know or have seen. Cook & Company better have an impressive array of rabbits at WWDC.

      1. I have tried Apple’s Maps app and it is still behind. if you look at Google’s presentation today you will see how far ahead they are moving the bar for Apple. I think part of the stock price change is an acknowledgement of just how far behind Apple is with it’s lame mapping app.

        Among other things.

    1. Also, why is it people assume that Apple ISN’T “investing in its future”? The company has more than enough resources to handle Wall Street’s wolves, the judiciary system, and handling its own future.

      Because I’m sure that Apple’s employees are paid to just sit around watching tech news and counting money …

        1. Good points all. While Apple does hardware and software better than anyone else, especially when you put them together, Apple doesn’t do services well. That’s just a fact. And I can’t understand why they can’t improve in that area. Google eats their lunch in services. It’s been way too long for Apple services to show no improvements. Or innovations. It’s not like they don’t have enough money and employees to devote to this area.

    2. Apple doesn’t follow. You may think that Apple needs to “do what Google is doing”, but Google is the master of messery. They ruin perfectly good services and have very poor implementations under the hood. As a developer that has tried to work with their multitude of APIs, I’ve seen it first-hand. But from a positive angle, at least they create APIs, unlike Apple’s fully-closed services. Just imagine how great Apple services would be if there were open web APIs!! Wow, that would change the game.

  6. When Apple’s stock rises, Wall Street is looking through the windshield. When the stock starts going south, Wall Street is looking in the rearview mirror.

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