Apple’s stock again mysteriously drops sharply on no apparent news

“Apple shares sold off sharply on Tuesday in afternoon trading on no apparent news,” Reuters reports.

“The stock fell about 2.5 percent on heavy volume to around $443 in afternoon trading while the Dow and the Nasdaq remained positive,” Reuters reports. “Apple is expected to release a line of new products, including its next generation iPhone and iPad, this Fall. However, the company is widely believed to also be unveiling a product in an entirely new category at the end of the year which many speculate is a smart TV.”

AAPL chart, May 14, 2013

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MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, SEC.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]

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  1. it is not surprise that APPL dropped 2.5% because this kind of falling without reason happens all the time for other stocks as well. you think that APPL keeps continually steep growing? like someone said here, time is very different now. you can’t expect skyrocket. unfortunately, APPL won’t get $700 anytime anywhere. now it’s impossible. plus, apple just prepares for another lawsuit against Samsung with Galaxy S4. apple can’t get over it? why do they keep doing this? it is wasting time. instead of it, please, be focused on innovation. I guess that this news might affect on drop yesterday. anyway, apple is not apple anymore. it’s too bad that they became blind to make money. it’s not what apple would be. I am done with it.

  2. Cocaine psychosis is a temporary state of mind wherein one loses control over his wits and of reality. It is brought about by taking cocaine excessively which can make the taker feel uneasy and act erratically which can often lead to very violent behaviors…. Cocaine psychosis is not a condition that should be treated lightly as the effects can be very extreme and inhuman.

    Thus the modern US stock market and its corresponding Wall Street analcysts.

  3. Why do i own a stock that gets hammered no matter how the company does? This is now bordering on insanity. Im just about done with this bullshit. Its never going to change.

  4. When was the last time Apple announced a product anybody got excited about? Last September with the tiny updates to the iPhone? 8 months ago? Really? And then you can’t buy it because you’re locked into some ridiculous contract for your old phone?

    As the company’s innovations slow down, so does the stock price. 20% market share will seem like a dream a year from now when they’re closer to 15%. A marginal unimaginative update to the iPhone once a year is not cutting it.

  5. apple needs to just stop the lawsuits with samsung and others….people who own android phones are potential customers and sueing left and right is not good for publicity….here is an example my buddy has a galaxy s3…when he first got the phone it had universal search. however after the lawsuits samsung was forced to remove this incredibly useful feature. justice was served but now apple has pissed off a potential customer.

    1. So we chalk you up as someone who is OK with thieves breaking into your house, who, when caught can just keep your property they stole because they just need to use your stuff? You do lock your doors, don’t you? What? You want your stuff back? So does Apple.

      Why not just GIVE Samsung all of Apple’s intellectual property in the first place? After all, they will just steal it any way.

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