Sony sets stage for Apple to dominate the 4K Ultra HDTV market

“Sony recently announced aggressive price points for it’s all-new XBR 55″ and 65″ 4K Ultra HDTVs,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Sony will be launching the 55″ base model for a seemingly jaw dropping $4,999, while its largest 84″ set continues to drop jaws for the exactly opposite reason, coming in at $24,999.”

“Rumors continue to swirl about Apple entering the market with an all-in-one Apple TV plus HDTV device rumored to be called ‘iTV,'” Reschke writes. “When breaking into new markets, Apple has a history of leapfrogging the competition’s incremental steps… Direct content and interface enhancements are strong arguments that could prove successful for an Apple HDTV, but Apple’s core strength when entering new markets has been the ability to blow away the competition with new hardware that just can’t be ignored. Hardware is what grabs the attention of the low-information consumer, forcing them to tune in and engage.”

Reschke writes, “While Sony attempts to reinvent themselves by launching their XBR 55″ 4K set at $4,999, it is only going to turn heads towards the 4K market, while Apple crashes into living rooms with a 60″ 4K TV, around $1,999, containing controls and features that will just prove to be the icing on the Apple 4K TV cake. Sony will have only set the table for Apple to sit down and enjoy the great living room feast.”

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  1. This guy really thinks an Apple 4K TV @ 60″ will only sell for $1999 ? I very highly doubt that. I’d love to believe it but I’ve been shopping for a good TV (Panny GT or better) and know the prices. Look how much they charge for a basic cinema display @ 27″. $1000 !
    Dream on

  2. Apple’s iTV should be nothing more than a 4K display with a wireless link in lieu of HDMI. Keep the “TV” function in a separate low-cost, replaceable AppleTV. Eco friendly approach.

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