Microsoft wants Apple to make iTunes for Windows 8 tablets, but it’s not coming ‘any time soon’

“Apple’s popular iTunes app might be available for the desktop mode of Windows 8, but Microsoft wants the company to create a “Metro” version,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge.

” In an interview with CNN Money, Windows CFO Tami Reller revealed that Microsoft has tried to convince Apple to build an iTunes Windows 8 app, saying ‘the welcome mat has been laid out. It’s not for lack of trying,'” Warren reports.

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David Goldman reports for CNN Money, “Apple’s reluctance to make a Windows 8 app isn’t surprising. Though the company has been willing to write software for Windows, including iTunes, Safari, and Quicktime, Apple is in a very different position in the PC market than it is in the tablet market.”

“There’s no reason for Apple to help make the Surface a better product,” Goldman reports. “Microsoft does have a built-in Music app for Windows 8 that allows users to organize their music. Reller said that one day, Windows users may consider the Music app a viable alternative, but iTunes remains by far the most popular choice among music fans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Right after Apple finishes up iTunes for OS/2. Hold your breath, Microsoft, please.

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  1. Until last year consumers bought 70% of all desktop/laptop computers. I don’t think they are buying that many any more because of the iPad.

    Office is an enterprise necessity (30% – 35% of total computer market). There is very little, if any, need for it on consumer devices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see iWork usage exceed that of Office by 2020, just because consumer needs are so much different than enterprise, and there’s a hell of a lot more of them.

    Apple is consigning MSFT to the enterprise, and then infiltrating that segment through the back door.

  2. As I read on another site, iTunes for Surface is totally unnecessary, because, as we all know, Surface is for content creation, not content consumption. /s

  3. More MDN snark. Apple already makes iTunes for Windows, so you know darn well iTunes will be ported to whatever platforms will ensure that the store is available to the masses.

    Like it or not, iTunes is Apple’s “Office” — not offering it to future Windows versions hurts Apple as much, perhaps more than MS not offering Office for iOS.

    Now Apple needs to restore the functionality to iTunes that it totally screwed up in version 11.

    1. And what ‘masses’ would those be? There are so few people buying and using Surface that it’s not financially viable.
      But then you know that, don’t you…

      1. IF Microsoft fools enough idiots to embrace its horrible “metro” interface, then Apple should stow its pride and offer iTunes for it.

        If you reread my post, you will see that I did not advocate rushing a “metro” version of iTunes anytime soon — only in the future (if sales warrant it). Those masses.

  4. Apple should make itune for windows phone just like how google is making bunch of apps for apple. If itune is not on windows phone, their users eventually gonna use something else and apple is gonna lost that portion of the profit.

  5. If Apple is going to design software for Windows 8 I think Microsoft should have evidence that more than 5,000 people not living in Washington state actually use Windows 8. Personally, Apple may not find it worth the expense to design any application that doesn’t have a user base of at least a couple million.

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