‘Bang With Friends’ goes mobile, launches on Apple iPhone and Android

“You know, it’s been a pretty good few days for the (still mostly undercover) dudes behind Bang With Friends, the Facebook-powered app that aims to help you do exactly what its name implies,” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “Just days after word trickled out that the service was approaching its millionth user and that the team is purportedly in the middle of raising a million bucks, Bang With Friends has just launched its iPhone and Android apps.”

“If you’ve somehow missed all the Bang With Friends commotion, here’s all you need to know: Bang With Friends tries to help you find folks amongst your Facebook social circle who share a common interest. And by ‘common interest,’ I mean a desire to shag each other,” Kumparak reports. “Once you log in, you privately select which friends (male or female) you’d be down to, well, bang. If the friends you’ve picked happen to pick you, as well, Bang With Friends will automatically connect you two online so that you can in turn connect offline. If there’s no match, however, no one is any the wiser.”

Kumparak reports, “Surprised that Apple, occasionally known to be a bit prudish with their App Store, decided to greenlight this one? I am too, actually. Notice that the app actually has different names on each platform: on Android, it’s ‘BANG WITH FRIENDS (OFFICIAL),’ but on iOS, it goes by the ever-so-slightly more modest ‘BWF (OFFICIAL).'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gotta love Kumparak’s note at the bottom of his article: “Heads up: if you’re searching the Android store manually… make sure you’re downloading the official app. There are about a half-dozen shady clones on the Play store.”

Never mind the shadyware, why there’s even an Android app is beyond us, since Fragmandroid owners obviously love to fsck themselves.


  1. “Why there’s even an Android app is beyond us, since Fragmandroid owners obviously love to fsck themselves.” – MacDailyNews Take, May 9, 2013

    MacDailyNews Take of the Year, so far!

        1. …and ignore that Congress has completely failed and worsened country? President offered hope, Republican lead congressed worked hard to fail that hope. Bang with hopeless.

          Prior to Reagan, the country had a great public health system before it became mostly privatize by the corporate world. Bang with sick.

          During Clinton years, country had a surplus budget. No debt. Bang with waste.

          When killing Bin Laden, Congress was not happy that Obama made the call to take him down. Bang with terror.

          Congress not happy that Obama saved the auto industry. Bang with failure.

          Congress is trying to put the Postal Service and any government type of institution out of business. Bang with stupid.

          NRA? Don’t get me started with the NRA. Guns before country? Bang with death.

          Corporate American and Wall Street have ruined many lives, placed many out of work, outsourced jobs in order to help the wealthy get wealthier. It’s ok to be successful on your own merits but Republicans put wealth ahead of country. They don’t care who runs it or how its run as long as they get their money. Bang with greed.

          Don’t be a political troll. Use your mind. Bang with trolls.

    1. Please go post your political comments somewhere else. We’re all sick of seeing them.

      I’m sure the Fox News forum would welcome you with open arms.

  2. And all of this activity is done with Facebook or Google looking over one’s shoulder? No thanks! Even if I/ was in the market for some extra-curricular activity (I’m not), I wouldn’t be doing it on Facebook or anywhere that such activity could be captured to “better serve our customers with appropriate advertising”.

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