Microsoft cautiously preps 2nd-generation of Surface tablet flops with smaller displays

“Microsoft is expected to announce second-generation Surface tablets at the company’s Build Developer Conference, which will be hosted from June 26-28, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Since Microsoft only achieved sales of 1.5 million units for its first-generation Surface tablets (one million Surface RT and 500,000 Surface Pro), only half of its original expectations of 3-4 million units, the company is taking a cautious attitude over promotions for its second-generation models,” Lee and Tsai report. “Microsoft retained most of its component suppliers from the first-generation models for the second-generation ones with Pegatron Technology staying as the devices’ manufacturer.”

Lee and Tsai report, “The sources also noted that the second-generation Surface devices reportedly will only feature a 7- to 9-inch displays to meet the rising demand for smaller tablet devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We keep looking for a Surface tablet out in the wild, but, alas, no luck yet in spotting one. In order to better entice their target market, perhaps Microsoft should bundle each Surface tablet with a cool helmet and handy drool cup?

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  1. “MacDailyNews Take: We keep looking for a Surface tablet out in the wild, but, alas, no luck yet in spotting one. In order to better entice their target market, perhaps Microsoft should bundle each Surface tablet with a cool helmet and handy drool cup?”

    Don’t forget the boom-box and the metronome.

  2. Two Points!

    1) Check this out: Surface Windows RT sales have plummeted:

    Tablets with Windows RT see slow sales, IDC says

    Researchers at IDC said manufacturers shipped 200,000 tablets running Windows RT, the special version of Windows for iPad-style tablets, in the January to March period. That’s down from about 900,000 shipped in the fourth quarter. – – Oops.

    2) Seeing as Windows RT is a FAIL, why is Microsoft even considering pushing it forward into further devices?

    Because Microsoft is an expert at wasting money on lame, wannabe copycat products. All I can say about that is:

    Spend Microsoft! Spend SPEND SPEND!

  3. I have only seen two Microsoft Surface devices in real life. And unfortunately, both were at my desk – dev eval units. The Surface RT was ridiculous – I can’t believe they let that thing out of the lab.

    The Surface Pro wasn’t much better, but that was more because Windows 8 is just horrible. Otherwise, it was pretty much on par with all the other Windows 8 Pro tablets I have had the displeasure of touching (the Lenovo & Dell offerings). All of these Windows 8 Pro tablets have the same problems. The terrible Windows 8 tablet user experience and the trade offs of the Pro tablet model choices (horrible battery life and somewhat decent processing power or slightly less crappy battery life and anemic processing power) means that anyone with a brain would be better off with a Windows laptop and an iPad (or obviously even better, a MacBook Air or Pro and an iPad). The use case for these things just isn’t there.

    MS would be wise to just kill the Surface line completely. Give it the Kin treatment. It looks like they will use their Zune product life cycle on this one though.

    1. Darwin, spot on! exactly the point i’ve been making here for months!

      While Cook fails to defend iOS market share (we will never know if the iPad mini is merely undercutting iPad sales, but we all know that Samsung’s surge in phone market share has caught Apple flat-footed with only one model to offer a very diverse global mobile phone market), Cook also took his eyes completely off the ball on Mac OS.

      Microsoft’s OS may be complete crap, but isn’t it interesting that now MS is the company rolling out frequent hardware and software releases? Hence, MSFT stock price is stable, its institutional customers still firmly contracted into the Wintel platform for the foreseeable future — and Cook watches AAPL slide. He plays stock buyback games and the most timid, slow, underwhelming Mac hardware & software updates possible instead of aggressively taking back the PC market from MS.

      Apple’s profitability today is fantastic — thank you Jobs! I fear that Apple’s profitability will wane under Cook’s slow, plodding leadership. All the anti-Microsoft arrogant condescending snark in the world isn’t going to help Apple if iOS market share continues to slide.

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