Apple CEO Tim Cook returns to stage to open 11th D: All Things Digital conference

“Although we are only about a month out from our 11th D: All Things Digital conference, we still have a few big speakers to announce, not the least of whom is Apple CEO Tim Cook,” Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg report for AllThingsD.

“Cook, who made his debut at D10 last year in his first major interview as the new leader of the iconic and powerful tech giant, will be kicking off the proceedings with an interview with us on the opening night of the conference,” Swisher and Mossberg report. “It will be interesting to talk about the changes at Apple under Cook’s leadership, who took over from the late co-founder and industry legend Steve Jobs. We will also be inquiring about what new products are in the pipeline and how the company is faring in an increasingly high-pressure market.”

Swisher and Mossberg report, “Cook joins a long list of stellar speakers slated to appear onstage at D11 from May 28 to 30, including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Motorola Mobility’s Dennis Woodside, Pinterest’s Ben Silbermann, Jeff Immelt of GE, new Android chief Sundar Pichai, Sony’s Kaz Hirai, ABC’s Anne Sweeney and more.”

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      1. And if they don’t ask everyone would complain that they didn’t ask. Always better to ask maybe get a response than to ignore the topic and not know

  1. OH, NO! Say goodbye to $400 AAPL – descending into the $300 range before he finishes speaking. It’s not just what he says – crap like “great stuff in pipeline” it’s more about how he looks – weak, ineffectual, and certainly not up to the challenge of righting the listing ship that has run aground in the process of trying to convince consumers that minor and often useless “refreshes” of Apple’s gadgets is just what we need. No sir. What we need is a new CEO. I don’t have anyone to suggest but I heard an interview today with the CEO of Walmart and he sounded like someone who knows what he is doing. He’s not available but there’s got to be someone out there like him and endless someones completely unlike the incapable Tim Cook.

          1. OK, so will try again… Jay, consider dropping terms like “drink the Koolaid” etc cause that is a bad start. Also, CEO of walmart???? Just ask any walmart employee what they think of the company.

      1. Walmart is the largest retailer on the planet, the largest food store on the planet, and they sell Apple’s stuff. Their CEO is a genius. He makes a good appearance. He sounds like he is in charge. Wall Street likes him. A lot. Basically he is all the things that Tim Cook is not. He is a role model of who Apple’s directors ought to be looking for. Now, with those facts, Mr. 5280420, who’s the retard?

        1. OMG, there you go again. The walmart CEO is a genius??? Maybe at making his own bonuses… Just ask any worker at walmart what they think of the store. Its a place where they only want part time workers cause they are super cheap, and they really don’t care how well the workers treat customers. They just fire one when they get close to making some money and hire another “who cares” person.

          PS, “Wall Street likes him”…. considering how crooked they are, that is a killer in itself.

          Maybe you are a paid samsung troll after…. Just better worded than the usual. ????

    1. Well I sort of agree about Tim’s “apparent” physical and verbal weakness when it comes to his public image. All he needs is a good Darth Vader voice pitch enhancement, a few steroids with some bodybuilding thrown in and Herman Munster shoe lifts and then I’d say we have our man.

    2. Why don’t you become the CEO of Apple? I mean surely you will be able to run Apple better than Tim Cook because you are better than Tim, right? So what’s stopping you fool? Show the world how it ought to be done.

  2. Jay, Apple never tells anyone what new products are in there pipeline. Steve Jobs also did not talk about new products and you won’t hear any of the other execs talk about new products until Apple has an official product release. Tim Cook knows what he’s doing and Apple as a company has not changed and is going forward as usual. Only the stupid Anal-ists have no clue and seem to want to run the company themselves. Again, at what point in history Jay has an executive from Apple talked about new products before there release announcement? NEVER Jay, Never!

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