Enderle: Tim Cook is toast as Apple CEO

“It was hard to listen to the second quarter financial report from Apple and not imagine Steve Jobs spinning like a top in his grave,” Rob Enderle writes for CIO.

“When Jobs took over Apple, the company was awash with debt, mere months from going bankrupt and selling way too many products to manage,” Enderle writes. “Cook’s stated plan is to eliminate Apple’s cash reserves, increase debt and build a lot more variety into Apple product lines. It reads like he’s planning to return Apple to how it was when Jobs took over—hopefully short of the ‘nearly bankrupt’ part.”

MacDailyNews Take: Cook’s stated plan most certainly is not to eliminate Apple’s cash reserves.

“Assuming someone at Cook’s level is an idiot isn’t in itself wise; rising to that level requires a certain amount of intelligence and, as COO, if nothing else Cook should understand numbers,” Enderle writes. “Here’s what I think could be going on.”

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle think? Since when?

Enderle writes, “At the outset, Cook had to know that the only reason Jobs wanted him for CEO was because Jobs thought until the very end that he could come back. Given the choice, Jobs believed Apple’s board would pick him. In other words, Cook was selected specifically because Jobs knew he couldn’t do the job and would be an excellent placeholder because he was so badly matched. Cook likely knows his days are numbered… ”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Behold, the new low water mark for Enderlean fuckery.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Foster” for the heads up.]

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    1. I thought that that kind of MDN comment would appeal to your level.

      Although Enderle is pathetic for trying to garner hits this way, I am at a toss up as to who is lower here: MDN, Enderle or you.

      1. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and occasionally they are clear. lucid and then, other times, as with y’all’s in this case, they simply are full of shit.
        fuck off POS and happy trails

        1. Maybe not, but there are decent and indecent words, as determined by society. No, you’re not a rebel for using them like any other word. While I can agree with 3I3c7ro’s longing for decency, his above insult and condescending tone not only don’t help his cause, they hurt it.

          And even though I long for a more decent world, the reason such “bad’ or “indecent” words exist is to drive home a point in certain situations. I full believe this is one of those situations.

      2. I agree with 3I3c7ro.
        Foul language is not professional and never will be. You will never find it in Science journals, it will never be used by legitimate news organizations when reporting the news. Why? Because it makes the reporter/organization look juvenile and unprofessional. I weakens a news organizations credibility.

        In short, it is uncalled for. MDN could have just as easily said that Enderele “reached a low point in his shenanigans.” (Look it up in a dictionary shenanigans actually fits better than the word that was used.)

    1. Irrelevant but well paid.

      I think of the Enderle Group as a cut above the homeless couple with dog. Both have proven business models but they come with attendant risks.

      The dog is mangy, pathetically appealing. The man typically wears camouflage; the woman’s wardrobe is late 2000 Goodwill. They take turns holding up cardboard signs for use at major city intersections, long recognized as optimal panhandling technology. They are skeletal, their faces creviced, due not to hunger but to chronic methamphetamine use. The business model, learned through tutorials in one of several Google Groups, is a direct appeal to basic emotional vulnerabilities present in all humans and explicated in neurobiological terms by Panksepp et al. The average yield is estimated at $35K annually in major U.S. cities that permit this form of public solicitation, higher in warmer climates. Adjusted for HRO (Home Renter/Owner), which factors out housing costs, social services, and taxes, the number is $110,000, placing such a family of independent entrepreneurs squarely in the middle class.

      Internet analysts, like the typical homeless group, trade in raw human emotional appeal, but benefit greatly by employing fear, jealousy, and envy components instead of the simple compassion impulse depended on by simpler street people for their livelihoods. As well, the intersections in which scraggly people play on our fears and desires are more lucrative in the nodes of the mighty Internet.

      1. Contrast that with early Apple investors…

        “The Menace is loose again, the Apple investor, the hundred-carat headline, running fast and loud on the early morning internet, low in the saddle, nobody smiles, jamming crazy through web traffic and ninety miles an hour down the T1 backbone, missing by inches . . . like Genghis Khan on a laptop, a monster steed with a fiery Cat 5 port, flat out through the eye of a firewall and up your daughter’s portfolio with no quarter asked and none given…” With apologies to HST.

      1. Umm, most people would consider being able to work from home a bonus. (I personally don’t, actually.)

        Also, I think his kid is one of the group too… or else I’m thinking of one of the other analyst ‘groups’ that shows up on TV all the time, where the (at least 20something) kid is now on the scene.

  1. Is this guy fucking retarded!! My apologies to those with learning disabilities. It’s all about the BIG PICTURE!!! Listen to EVERYTHING Steve has said!! Stop thinking of Apple as a traditional company! They’re smarter than you!!

    1. He is irrelevant. He’s not on the radar as a credible analyst. I guess MDN,as usual, just reprinted his inane remarks to stir up trouble. A waste of time reading past the first few sentences. But most analysts,regardless of their positive or negative forecasts for Apple, are useless.

        1. I get it. You get it. It’s just that I don’t follow the herd around here. Nor do a lot of others actually. Thankfully. Never worry about pleasing or displeasing anyone. Think and speak for yourself. Never seek the affirmation of others otherwise you compromise your own thoughts and principles. But it’s nice that you agree with me. Finally.

  2. Enderle has been saying that Apple was in debt when Steve took over, for the last 15 years. He even says that he was instrumental in helping Apple before Steve came back.

    When Steve came back in the late 90s, Apple still had $2 billion in the war chest. Things got tense before the turn around but Apple never did go into debt.

    I’ve tried to set Enderle strait for over 10 years. Even showed him Apple’s yearly reports. The man is thicker than all the kids on the short bus put together.

    1. As a parent of a child with a disability, could we please leave those with learning issues out of it? Clearly, as some of these posts indicate, intelligence does not always correlate to wisdom. Idiocy comes in all IQ levels.

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