Apple up 3% on report for early iPhone 5S rollout

“Apple Inc. rallied 3% on Monday after a leaked document reportedly indicated that it may launch iPhone 5S earlier than anticipated,” Sue Chang and Saumya Vaishampayan report for MarketWatch.

Apple (AAPL +3.10%) shares advanced for a third day on speculation that iPhone 5S could roll out as early as July,” Chang and Vaishampayan report. “Several news outlets are citing a document, purportedly leaked from KDDI, which showed that the Japanese carrier will begin taking preorders for the new iPhone in June for a July launch.”

Chang and Vaishampayan report, “However, analysts at Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia rejected the chatter. ‘No way. Component suppliers are only beginning to ramp production in June/July. Phone will not hit until late summer/early fall,’ they said in a note.”

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  1. Did people not hear Tom Cook say new product wouldn’t be hitting the market till the Fall 2013. People need to listen and stop making stuff up.

    1. People did not hear Cook say there would be no products before Fall. He just said there would be some exiting products this fall and thru 2014. Like if he said the sun would rise in the fall, does not mean it will not rise tomorrow, now does it? Don’t take things so literal,

    2. Tim Cook said “interesting new product categories” will be launching in the fall of 2013 and across 2014. This leaves wiggle room to launch the iPhone 6 or 5s or whatever and the Haswell macbook pros anywhere from May – October. Good misdirect.

  2. Too many short term investors and analysts are manipulating the price of AAPL. Obviously Apple will come out with a new phone this year and the following year and the year after that. The product refreshes should be backed into the price. Instead a rumor says the next iPhone might come out 2 months early and the stock jumps 3%?

    My blind theory is that CEO Tim Cook’s crackdown on secrecy has lead to too many investor-hobbyists devaluing the stock price because there aren’t enough rumors to keep them interested in the company.

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