Swype VP confirms talks with Apple on revolutionary keyboard technology

“A Swype exec has now confirmed the company has had talks with Apple over its revolutionary keyboard tech,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. “iFans points us to a Reddit AMA with Swype Vice President Aaron Sheedy where the executive confirms discussions with Apple have taken place.”

Q: I was curious as to whether you’ve ever had any contact with Apple. Any conversations to see if they might have been interested in licensing your technology?

A: Hah. The million (ok billion) $ questions. Yes, we have chatted with them, they are very smart and nice.

Kahn writes, “While this is far from confirmation that Swype could wind up in iOS one day, it could be a clue that Apple is at least interested in the technology and looking to make some big improvements to its built-in iOS keyboard.”

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  1. This technology is not quite revolutionary, because at average actual results for most people are about the same as with usual keyboard input. Of course, there are people who can be more effective with Swype input, but this is not an average case.

    1. “They are very smart and nice.”

      APPLE: we have a much better input system then what you have done with swype – as of today we are offering you guys to join us and share 5% royalties on our technology input, however, you must stop offering swype to Samsung.

      SWYPE: damn how did you make it run so flawlessly, oh my we are dead now, gee thats a rather generous offer thanks.

  2. There used to be an app called Shapewriter that did this at the beginning of the iPhone App Store. It became defunct at some point. I think it was a Nuance app.
    There is now one there called Path Input that works the same way.
    It’s a wonderful way to input on an idevice!

  3. The Dvorak keyboard layout has been well thought out and widely not accepted so we are stuck with QWERTY instead. It is about time for a well laid out keyboard for the iPhone and other thumb or finger operated devices.

    1. 3l3c7ro

      “It is about time for a well laid out keyboard for the iPhone and other thumb or finger operated devices.”

      There is, check out the BeeRaider soft-keyboard. Presently available for Android and soon (hopefully – depending on Apple), to be available for Apple devices.

      We also have our first physical keyboard product being prototype tested at the present time.

      We’re looking to simplify the future of keyboard data-entry.


  4. I have both an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy Note 2. I loath typing on my iPhone. The keyboard feels so archaic compared to other options found on Android. Swype, for me, is a more preferable way to input text on a keyboard and one of the reasons I prefer Android over iOS. Even if both keyboards are equally accurate, the fact that I don’t have to hunt and peck looking to hit the exact keys and can just “swipe” my finger across the board just “feels” more efficient. I find myself much less stressed with autocorrect and errors when I use my Swype keyboard over the stock iOS one.

  5. Swype is great. Had it on Android phones for years. Another feature Apple is slow to bring to the iPhone, although they’ll claim they invented it once announced.

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