45 days with Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display and no complaints at all

“The MacBook I used for years was flagging and in need of replacement. I originally ordered a MacBook Air but cancelled the order since the Chromebook Pixel spoiled me for a Retina Display,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “The 13-inch MacBook Pro arrived 45 days ago and has become my primary desktop system. It has already served me well and I am happy with the purchase.”

“The model I ordered has a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor paired with 8 GB of memory,” Kendrick writes. “The 256 GB solid-state disk (SSD) has enough free space to keep me comfortable for a good while. This configuration is faster than I thought it would be and it handles all tasks with ease.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s flash storage will do that for you.

Kendrick writes, “The 13-inch Retina Display is simply gorgeous and I am so glad I cancelled the MacBook Air for this model. It helped that Apple recently dropped the price $200 to make the switch more palatable… I am very happy with the MacBook Pro and have no complaints at all, which is unusual for a gadget. There is nothing I wish it did differently or better, and I consider it worth the money I paid.”

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  1. My son and I each recently bought the 13″ Macbook Pro with retina display, and we couldn’t be more satisfied. About as close to perfect as a computer can be for us. Its so light and fast that my 15″ MBP has been relegated to the one project I have that requires an optical drive.

    1. I hate the smaller screen. My MacBook Air is fine for bedtime reading and taking in the shi++er and giving to temp employees for light use, but I still need the big screen on my MacBook Pro to be able to use Creative Suite.

  2. I initially bought the 13″ for the form factor before the price drop. Once I realized I could have 2″ more screen, an i7 processor and a discrete graphics chip for $200 and a pound more weight, I took it back.

    If I had to decide now that it’s cheaper, it’d be a much tougher call.

  3. I am fortunate to have the 15″ MBP-r with the 2.7 GHz Core i& processor and 16 GB memory. I went for the maximum specifications available when I purchased a few months ago. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. Now, when I’m editing photos, I still do it on the 27″ iMac. That’s because of the large screen.

    By the way, retina replaced a 13″ MacBook Air.

  4. That does seem kinda dumb.

    But, my headset has a mic.

    So, it really needs to be combined. So, seems kinda smart.

    If you are wanting to record something, use a USB device.

  5. My only complaint is that unlike all other Macs, it doesn’t support HiDPI on external monitors. Kind of ironic. If this worked correctly, then with Air Display I could have both my internal and external displays on HiDPI. But it’s been broken since this machine launched. Just a stupid OS bug but Apple won’t fix it.

  6. I am sorta surprised that there aren’t the usual geekhead comments here about how the graphics subsystem on the rMBP13 is too slow for the Retina display – and usually these comments are made by people who have never actually used a rMBP13, much less bought one.

    I got mine a couple months ago and it is the most perfect laptop I have ever owned (not my favorite, however – that prize goes to my beloved black Pismo Powerbook). The build quality is breathtaking and it is very fast. I usually run it in 1440×900 and the screen is beautiful and still very readable. The only thing I sorta miss is the IR receiver for the Remote, but I now do presentations using my iPhone as the clicker.

    1. Long live Pismo!!! I still have and use one. People still think it looks cool, and I can replace all of the important components in seconds instead of minutes.

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