Microsoft partners say Windows 8 caused ‘millions of customers’ to switch to Apple

“With PC sales crashing and burning, it’s not surprising that several PC OEMs are still fuming about Windows 8, the operating system that has so far failed to reignite the PC industry,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“And now two unnamed OEM sources have told ZDNet that Microsoft and Windows 8 are primarily to blame for the accelerated decline in PC sales,” Reed reports, “with one source claiming that Windows 8 is ‘destroying’ the PC industry and another claiming that the new operating system has ‘handed over millions of customers to Apple.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis iPhone, and its knockoffs, and iPad that are killing the Windows PC industry, not so much Microsoft’s latest ill-conceived debacle (although it certainly doesn’t hurt the cause).

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  1. In my opinion, the features of Windows 8 should have been kept for Windows 9. Instead, 8 should have had a GUI that was more intuitively-connected to Win 7 to ease the transition.

    1 – boot to desktop
    2 – start button that reveals the Metro interface (and a preference option to hide start button)
    3 – have shutdown button via the start button
    4 – have visual vues to show the charms bar (and a preferences option to turn off the visual cue)
    5 – make app logout to be activated either a conventional Windows button at the top right corner AND, if on a tablet, a swipe or something better.

    If these simple things were done – no doubt the interface would not have looked as nice, but the transition would have been easier – and then the full transition could be made in Windows 9 without such a large hue and cry.

  2. In the end, bashing each companies OS is not going to solve anything. People will use the OS they are most comfortable with and what fits into their workflow and lifestyle. The computer market is a perfect example of the free markets at its best. The products are there and the consumer can buy whatever product they want. Apple & Microsoft along with various other PC makers market their products accordingly. Some consumer choose research while others don’t. Whatever company manufactures and markets the best products will be successful…..plain and simple!!!!

  3. I was a strict Windows user before, but now I am super scared to buy windows again. Windows 8 is so defected and I’m having tons of problems with my homework, my gaming, my skype, and everyday work on my PC. All my friends are complaining of the same issue with windows 8, if I wanted a tablet, why would I buy a computer??? I would just go and buy a tablet!!! I am going to switch to Mac for once and give it a try.

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