4 million of Verizon Wireless’ 7.2 million total Q1 smartphone sales were Apple iPhones

“In a conference call revealing its quarterly earnings on Thursday, Verizon revealed that roughly half of the 4 million iPhone units activated were 4G LTE devices,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Since the iPhone 5 is the only 4G LTE capable phone from Apple, that means Verizon activated about 2 million iPhone 5 units.”

“The iPhone 5’s share of total iPhone activations at Verizon remained unchanged, representing about half of all Apple smartphones at the nation’s largest carrier,” Hughes reports. “The latest data from Verizon shows that although there is growing concern that Apple could be losing steam in the face of rivals such as Samsung, the iPhone still accounts for more than half of all smartphone sales in the U.S. at the two largest major carrier partners. Last quarter, the iPhone represented 84 percent of all smartphone activations at AT&T.”

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  1. ” … Last quarter, the iPhone represented 84 percent of all smartphone activations at AT&T.”

    • “84 percent” isn’t the 100 percent that these idiots think Apple must sell if they are going to survive.
    • Because Apple did not get the remaining 16 percent they are doomed and need to either give away FREE iPhone or start doing a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” campaign like Blackberry did. Or maybe a iPhone in every box of breakfast cereal.

  2. Hmm. Well over half of Verizon’s sales were iPhones. T-Mobile saw one of its best weekends ever with the iPhone 5’s release on their network.

    Yup. It’s clear to me. The iPhone is dead and Apple is doomed.

  3. IPhones accounted for From 64% of smart phones sold last quarter, 55% this quarter . So it’s a significant drop. The budget model couldn’t come at a better time. A bigger model couldn’t come at a better time. As I said at it’s launch, the iPhone 5 was too little too late.

    1. Correct, It was a drop from last quarter but the quarters before, iPhones were significantly behind Android (last quarter popped more because of pent up demand for the iphone 5). IPhones are are gradually shifting to become the dominant smart phone on Verizon.

      1. It was a 33% drop from the previous quarter, and the drop is 10% more from the same quater last year of 25%, so there is a pattern, and it does not look well. Complacency and arrogance almost destroyed Apple in the 90’s, they have to stay hungry.

        1. I call BS on that one RP!

          Apple was NOT complacent in the 90’s. they were innovative as hell. There are a long list of great products that were introduced during that time.

          The problem was that a certain monopolistic competitor was lying, stealing and cheating Apple out of its success .

          It was by the sheer will of many of the Mac Fanatics on this site who dragged the company along until the second coming of Jobs.

    2. Wait wait…. Hold on a second.
      You can no compare last quarter to this quarter straight off not taking into account and understanding the differences. The quarter before this was a Christmas quarter. Q1 is always slow. You have to understand that there are seasonalities in quarter in every line of business. You have to compare this quarter to the same quarter of last year which probably shows an increase. However, quarter to quarter it was a huge dropp.

  4. Impressive.
    The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S although among the best phones on the planet are getting a little but old so I’m really looking forward to Apple’s iPhone 6 or 5s so that the “older” iPhone that that still is selling really well will be the iPhone 5. I think that will really be great for Apple and we will se an acceleration in demand and revenue.

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