50 must-have apps for Apple’s iPad and iPad mini

“Fifty must-have apps, from A to Z: Here’s a list of essentials every iPad owner should consider,” Doug Aamoth reports for TIME Magazine. “Each entry features alternative options to check out, too, for well over 150 apps in all.”

A random 10 from the list:
• Catalog Spree
• FastZip
• Hipmunk
• Imo
• Mint
• Paper
• Pocket
• TuneIn Radio
• Wolfram Alpha
• ZenView

Full article here.


    1. Seriously, GoodReader is a killer-app for me. If the iPhone had no other app or functionality, I would still pay for it for GoodReader. I keep PDF versions of all of my manuals on it along with all kinds of notes, instructions, spreadhseets. The app has changed my life.

  1. Great list! I will check it out in depth once I get home from work at DISH tonight. Sadly, I didn’t see my favorite app. DISH Anywhere lets me stream live TV and DVR recordings to my phone, so I can watch what I want anywhere I go. I love going fishing on the weekends, but I used to miss a lot of Rockies games. Now I can watch the Rockies play live while I fish!

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