Laurene Powell Jobs urges passage of ‘Dream Act’ immigration reform bill

“Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, urged U.S. lawmakers to pass the Dream Act, an immigration reform bill that cleared the House and died in the Senate in 2010,” Danielle Kucera reports for Bloomberg.

“Jobs, in what NBC said is her first televised interview since her husband’s death in 2011, said failing to provide a path to legal status for younger undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is a waste of ‘human capital,'” Kucera reports. “‘I started getting more and more active around immigration reform because this was such a waste of lives, such a waste of potential, such a waste for our country not to have the human capital we developed geared towards improving our entire society,’ she said in an interview on NBC’s ‘Rock Center’ to be broadcast today. ‘We need all of these brains.'”

Kucera reports, “A bipartisan group of senators is putting the finishing touches on legislation to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and revamp immigration laws. They have set a self-imposed deadline to unveil the bill by the end of the week.”

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“Marco Rubio is preparing to go all in to support sweeping immigration legislation, offering himself up as the public face of a bill that will split the Republican Party — but that his allies hope will propel him to the front of the GOP presidential sweepstakes,” Manu Raju reports for Politico.

“After offering lukewarm support until now, Rubio is preparing to fully embrace a measure that is the most significant of his political career so far,” Raju reports. “The gambit could pay off in spades by crowning a leading presidential contender in 2016, or it could permanently damage the Republican’s brand with conservatives.”

Raju reports, “Rubio is planning a media blitz to promote the bill — which is expected to be released early next week — making the rounds on all of the Sunday political talk shows starting this weekend, wooing skeptical conservative radio hosts and pitching the plan to Spanish-language news outlets. The campaign is aimed at building public support for the far-reaching immigration bill that will dominate Capitol Hill’s attention for much of the year. ‘Obviously, we’ll be informing the public, and we’ll want everyone to know everything that’s in the bill,’ Rubio told POLITICO Thursday. ‘We want everyone to know as much of what’s in the bill as possible, and we will use every opportunity we have to communicate that.'”

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    1. Immigration is what made the US what it is today. Closing her borders is selfish and prejudicial. When the US realizes that there are no people to do the jobs they won’t do then they hire illegal aliens under the table and treat them like sub humans. As you age, there will be no one to take care of the elderly. What will you do then? Will the US have educated her children? Will those children have inculcated the values needed to be a meaningful part of society?

      1. Please. No one is suggesting to close the borders. Where do you get such nonsense. Legal immigration is a neccesity for any country. We do need to close the borders from people who want to enter illegally.

        1. Legal immigration. It’s the law. Unfortunately it is being ignored by those who want to enter our country without waiting in line and by people in this country who want to turn a blind eye. It has pretty much ruined California. The politicians are afraid of losing the Hispanic vote so they won’t support enforcing the existing laws. It’s wrong and it’s illegal but it’s politically correct to support those who break the law. It’s politically incorrect to support doing things according to the law. It gets worse day by day and the country is spiraling down faster and faster. And I’m not interested in what Steve Jobs widow thinks about immigration. She also supports the dream act. Look that up.

      2. Not to nit-pick, but it was legal immigration that built this country. My family came through Ellis Island .We have laws in effect that are not being used to protect the country .As for Americans not wanting to do jobs- I’m not buying that. A while ago down South a chicken processing plant which only hired illegals was raided. The owners said there would be nobody to take the jobs. It was BS because once it was known there were jobs available they were all gone in minutes. Do I believe in immigration ? Sure I do , but it should be done the right way .

            1. I see your game 313. You allude to people who have different opinions as being racists. Then when they call you an ass or worse your pretend to take the high road by accusing them of name calling. The worst thing you can call a person in my book is a racist, any other insult is secondary. So even if you are a douche, pig headed, short sited, myopic, peson whose ideology gets in the way of reality, still you have hit the ultimate low by insinuating someone is a racist because he/she wants the laws to be followed. It is funny how you are coaching from the sidelines being in Canada. Get some skin in the game and then I can even begin to take you seriously. Until then c-nt, stay on the porch. Politically Correct people like you are the cancer in our world. Keep staying PC so you can feel good about yourself in your lonely cubicle.

            2. I guess you are right. The US should aspire to the low life ‘reality’ that you see around you and should never try to envision a better way. Just live with the situation you think you see. When you look across the border at a people who live in a measurably better harmony just ignore it and look the other way. Keep what you have because the devil that you know is better than the angel that might be next door.

          1. Let me tell you about the right way and my experience.

            I entered the USA in late 1999, with a visa, and legally. I got an L-1 first, and later on an H1-B. I lived in California for 7 years, legally. I paid taxes, I got a Social Security Number, a Driver’s license and a bunch of assets. I did everything by the book, 100% legal.

            I went through 9/11 (where it was difficult for a foreign like me to get a job, should I get fired), where my income went down. Still, I remained legal and employed. I changed employers, though, 4 times during that time.

            Still I remained legal and paying my taxes every year.

            In 2006, my H1-B visa vas close to an expiration. The Immigration Services don’t have a grace period, where you can at least sell your assets. Visa expires, you’re out. You take one more day, you become illegal right away.

            The outcome for me was, I just gave away all my stuff (including my car) paked and ame back to my country. Would I want to go back to the US, I’m at square zero. I have a visa, but to get employed and recover what I had, it’s very hard from here.

            So, the right way should be simple:

            If you entered the country legally, paid all your taxes and have no criminal record, you should be entitled to the residentship.

            Those are que immigrant quality the USA needs. To make a “Reform” and keep immigrants like myself, who respected the law and played fair, at the end of the line is just unfair and even discriminatory.

            1. Your story is likely very common. The US has started to treat all people in the entire world like criminals. Rather than help some one, the US would like to put them in jail or declare war on them. It seems to be driven by Gordon Gecko’s favourite quality: GREED.

          1. botvinnik. It’s apparent you’ve never given any real thought to the affect our immigration policies have on other nations.

            How does someone who comes here, maybe gets an education, possibly becomes a doctor, only to remain here help better the country they came from?

            Instead of becoming the future entrepreneurs, business leaders, and politicians of their country – all positions where they can make real difference and affect positive change, most remain here to the detriment of the very country they left.

            Our government is always claiming we need to do more to help those less fortunate around the world. Kind of hard to do that when our immigration policies leave them with the tyrants and despots.

            1. Wait. You’re blaming America because someone from another country comes here and gets an education and decides to stay? To begin with, we bend over backwards to educate foreign students at the expense of our own citizens. This tax dollars to you. And oh by the way, foreign students fill the slots thereby excluding American students. If they don’t go back to the country of their origin that’s hardly our fault! Damn! How the hell do you blame America? If they don’t go back and help their own country that’s their fault not ours.

        1. What is wrong with Russia and Iran that you want me to move there?

          According to your message between the lines there is no room to improve the US and you personally are perfect just as you are. QED.

          1. Nothing wrong with Russia or Iran. I just want you to be happy. Yes we have plenty of room to improve in the United States. We need to fix our borders to stop the illegal aliens from coming in. Everyone needs to line up and take a number and wait their turn. It’s the law. Thanks for the compliment, but no I’m not perfect. I’m just an American. Proud of it. Prick.

      3. I really resent these types irrational, knee-jerk reactions whenever someone addresses our porous southern border through which thousands of undocumented aliens traverse each year. It always assumes that those of us that recognize the obvious problems with this consider those coming into the country illegally are “sub-human”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from the security issues of easy access into this country, we have a country with a government that has steadily increased more and more social responsibility for its citizens. Immigration is a time honored tradition of this country, but we need to be both aware and selective as to who enters. During the great immigrations of the late 19th and early 20th century, immigrants had to have a sponsor and some evidence that they had a way to support themselves. Illegal and uncontrolled immigration creates a perpetual underclass that must live in the shadows. It creates opportunity for the unscrupulous to take advantage of their predicament. Not good for them or our citizenry. A good, orderly immigration policy, relies on set points of entry for immigrants. This is kinder and more fair to all involved. And does everyone forget the amnesty of the 80s, with the promise that with it the Feds would stop the influx of illegals through our southern borders. This Dream Act may be fair to a lot of decent people but it is not fair to the citizens of the country that have been promised for decades that “if only we pass this act or that act” the Feds will do a better job in the future of controlling the borders.

        1. As one who reads the history of the US, I find it interesting how people can turn a blind eye on the actuality of the treatment of immigrants or how people can forget their own peoples trials and difficulties to fit in the the US culture. Please talk to older people who are not from the British Isles and hear their stories of coming to the US. Look at the ethnic make up of the immigrants over the past hundred and fifty years. Who has been rejected? Who has been accepted.

          1. You make it sound like racism or bigotry is the only issue. I love Mexicans but the country is a corrupt mess and its not fair to bankrupt my state of California to subsidize such a wealthy and corrupt nation. Mexico is one of the 10 richest countries in the world and yet they dump their poor on the US to pay for while they do nothing to help anyone but the top wealthiest members.

            No thanks.

            Mexico meanwhile is extremely hypocritical as they do not generously allow anyone who wants to enter their nation a welcome ticket in, nor are Americans even freely allowed to own land in Mexico.

            This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with what’s right, what’s fair, and what works for a society. An open border with Mexico would be great for Mexico and terrible and terribly unfair to the US.

            1. Did you know that the US / Mexican border is tiny compared to the other border with a foreign county. That border is subject to the same laws as the Mexican border. Any comments on that? Are Canadians welcome to move to the US if they are dumb enough to want to? Would you pick and choose the Canadians on the colour of their skin or their first language? When it comes right down to it, there is a lot of bigotry in the world.

            2. We Canadians prefer the more sane approach to life and have little interest in going to the US to live except when the US needs our help for highly specialized skills we have to offer.

            3. “We Canadians” I am sure you speak for all Canadians. How about instead of grouping your opinion with all Canadians, just put I think. But since you are so self inflated I believe you really think that you do speak for all Canadians. What a boob.

            4. If there was a serious and recurring problem of illegal immigration from Canada I’d be for strengthening that border too. My view have nothing to do with race.

              That border is far more geographically huge and hard to physically enforce, but I’m still not against enforcement other than the practicality of it.

              That said you completely stepped over my main point which is not surprising as it interferes with you racism agenda.

            5. I guess you caught me on my anti racism agenda. Your point seemed so close to prejudice that I had to call it out and see if it was just another form of what you called racism. (By the way, what race do you think Mexicans are? What race do you think Canadians are?)

            6. Mexicans and Canadians are the human race, species Homo sapiens. There may be a distinct species of Homo sapiens down somewhere in the jungles of South America that had different characteristics, no one has ever tried to mate with the, to see.

              Race to me is a term that can do one of two things. It can describe someone’s ethnic and cultural background, or it can be used as a label to promote division and bigotry, which I’m not interested in and runs counter to the purpose of my life. I don’t mind using it as a descriptive term but in that case Mexicans are the Mexican race which is distinct from other races as a blended mix of European, ancient Asian/Siberian bloodlines, maybe with a little African bloodline. The racial issue to me is a smokescreen to distract from the real problems caused by a dysfunctional society dumping its problems on another society.

            7. 3l3c7ro, have you not noticed that the vast majority of Americans aren’t trying to stop legal immigration from Mexico? You’d think a bigoted country like the backwards USA would try to stop them brown people from coming here legally. But we aren’t.

              So why the bigotry comment?

              Regarding the line cutters that came here illegally, in my view, they should go back and get in line even if that includes taking their American born kids with them.


              Because if a bank robber steals money from a bank and gives it to his kids, they’d have to give it back. The same reasoning should apply to undocumented future democratic voters (illegal immigrants).

            8. Why do you think the US immigration laws are so restrictive? Only a fraction of the people who are needed for the jobs that US citizens hire the immigrants for are able to be filled by legal immigrants and yet the US businesses keep hiring them. Why is that? They are hiring them because they work cheaply and business wants a supply of cheap labour so they are inadvertently keeping the immigration laws in place that make it difficult to enter legally.

            9. Wikipedia lists Mexico as the 66th richest country in the world – just under the average for the world. Did you know that 84.3% of all ‘facts’ are made up on the spot?

            10. There’s more than one way to measure income, the mean or median will be very different for data that is heavily skewed such as income data. You did not provide a link nor did you mention how they ranked the data. Are they talking about total GDP? And if so keep in mind one of Mexicos largest areas of income is money siphoned off from the US and send back home. Also I’d love to see accurate figures on how big of a role drug trafficking and kidnapping and other horrendous activity have in terms of Mexicos GDP. I doubt that is possible.

        1. The greatest export the US has for the world is democracy and the second is free enterprise. When people come to the US, the US can be a great force in the world by educating them and allowing them to visit the ‘old’ country to bring this knowledge back. This is hugely more economically viable then a war on those nations.

          1. 313, you are a complete rube with no real experience of the social implications that are currently going on right now in California. Take your dogma and shove it up your ass. There is no way you can live in California and hold your rose colored ideology. Visit an emergency room, look at the gang issues, flooding of classrooms with spanish only kids. It makes me want to puke to hear assholes like you spew your holier than thou crap with obviously know real world experience. Go to hell you moron.

            1. I guess that your solution to the problems you see is to call people names and aim for a much less than ideal solution. I prefer to strive for excellence when imagining a solution to problems rather than cursing the problem.

            2. The issue is you don’t suffer the downside of the idealism you spew. It’s kind out the same grossly out of touch and rude sort of indifference on display by the question:
              “Other than that, how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

              Your so-called idealism completely and intentionally ignores one side of the issue which conflicts with our rigidly held beliefs, while you drone on about unfairness and bigotry.

          2. I agree I’m going to take up your wonderful egalitarian attitude and invite a whole bunch of drug traffickers, murderers, serial killers and child molestrs over to your home and help themselves to you food. They are welcome to sleep in your bed and share your wife and kids around. And since you are not a RACIST BIGGOT I will make sure some are Mexican some are Chinese some are from Madagascar, some from Germany some from Russia some from Afghanistan and a few from another 27 assorted countries, men and women.

            They will appreciate your hospitality and I will ask them to make sure they turn the lights off when they leave, if they leave. Some of them might.

            1. Are you insinuating that Mexicans are: “a whole bunch of drug traffickers, murderers, serial killers and child molesters”? Are these the people that you think Laurene Powell Jobs is looking to help? Is it possible that you have a very prejudicial view of Mexican immigrants?

            2. I certainly rightly have a very dim view illegal immigrants from Mexico. Mexicans are wonderful people but a disproportionate amount of the ones who travel over the border illegally are involved in drug trafficking and also kidnapping American citizens. You don’t have to take my opinion for it, that’s an empirical and easily demonstrable statistical fact. It goes with what I was saying, a corrupt society dumping its problems on another.

              As far as the other part of my comment, I was making the point that you do not seem to feel the us has any right to determine who can and who cannot enter our country, and I extended that to your home to make a point, which missed like most of the points that I make because you listen to everything through your agenda.

            3. I fully support any country keeping criminals out of their lands and even go further and would like to see the originating country take responsibility for their own criminals and ensure that they meet justice full on. The point I have been trying to make is that the US has many great qualities that can help the world and it is through education alone that the world can progress. The nations that have the necessary knowledge may be encouraged to develop the wisdom to share their knowledge with the world in a generous way to help developing nations to inculcate these values and traits that have made the US good.

              Just because there are a few bad people trying to get into the US to take advantage of her populations addictions and weaknesses for drugs does not mean that she should shut her borders nearly completely.

      4. So, Jobs ex wife is proposing giving the DNC over 8 million new voters. I bet she’s a democrat.

        And what about the extended family members of these new democratic voters who are still in Mexico? Are they going to be sponsored by these new democratic voters and migrate here as well?

        This will almost surly be the death blow to the RNC. About the only thing that will save it would be to move to the left which I bet they do.

        Meanwhile, we have huge numbers of people out of work while at the same time, we’re shipping jobs overseas.

        What a effing joke… This is your country run by democrats who are being influenced by foreign lobbyists and governments.

          1. 3l3c7ro said: “Hopefully you are right that the US is strongly influenced by the thoughts and opinions of the world.”

            By influenced I meant in a way that financially benefits the countries from which these foreign lobbyists come from.

            1. Do you know how lobbyists work or what they do? If you do then apply the same reasoning to foreign lobbyists except replace company with country.

              In short, foreign lobbyists lobby our politicians for laws that will enrich their nations. Global warming is one such area where this is really going on.

            2. That kind of political manipulation has no place in our world. We both agree that we are better off without it BUT The US does have a great education system and could teach other nations the wonderful skills and values that she has that make her great. I know it may cost a small amount to send teachers out to developing nations but the cost is tiny compared to fighting a war with that same nation.

        1. Yes Jobs wife is giving the DNC 8 million plus new voters exactly. What part of “illegal” do people not understand? A total insult to anyone trying to enter legally. Why? This nation is broke but we are supposed to grant millions an instant social safety net? Who has suffered the most. Blacks as jobs they have typically had now go to illegal Mexicans. Sad but true. So even more people on welfare. If the us will not enforce its laws why have any. We are broke and its only a matter of time. Btw plutocrat Bloomberg in NYC knows NYC needs the “cheap (slave) labor” or the city will implode so he encourages it. Broke broke broke. Wake up America.

    2. Out of all the causes out there she has to pick this one. How is she affected by illegal aliens? Does she see the emergency rooms packed with them, the overcrowded schools, the drain on our resources with food stamps and health care. What does she see as a benefit of providing funding for college for these people first, ahead of our own citizens. The reason they are illegal is because the are illegally here.

      1. You sir a bigot and a small minded fool.

        1. Define “them” they come in all shapes and colors sir. Words have meaning and yours is very telling.
        2. Cite a reference for these “overcrowded” schools that are the result of illegal immigrants. I’m telling you it is a problem you made up.
        3. Stereotype much? illegal immigrants are not all collecting welfare. I challenge you to provide proof that they are.
        4. At no point has she advocated giving college seats to illegal immigrants in place of naturalized citizens.

        So how long have you been scared of the bogey man? I happen to know some illegal immigrants, who likely make more than you because they are qualified and good at what they do. (I work in technology) they came here to escape the narco state of Mexico that WE (the US) helped create.

        1. You must be a retarded liberal, or minority who thinks that just because Mexicans are a minority, are illegally entering our country, it’s not a problem. It’s a huge problem! Illegal immigrants cost this country about $113 billion per year. States with the largest concentration of illegal aliens are have financial problems, like Arizona and California. It’s impossible to even have a dialog with low information individuals such as yourself who do not have a good grasp of reality. There is a plethora of data to support the FACT that in CERTAIN AREAS, illegal aliens are a huge financial burden on society. Here is one of many sources:

        2. 1. “Them” is a reference specifically to illegal aliens coming in from the southern border. Primarily Mexico. While most are good people I’m sure, the idea that the border remains essentially unprotected is just plain stupid.

          2. I take it you’ve never seen the schools of the Los Angeles City School District?

          3. Estimates are that illegal immigration costs the state of California over $8 billion dollars a year in social services, law enforcement, prisons, and medical costs.

          4. Read the Dream Act?

        3. I don’t know if he is a bigot but you don’t know what you’re talking about I do know that. If you lived in California especially around Los Angeles you would know that he is telling the truth. Illegal aliens are overwhelming schools and the hospitals. And they don’t pay taxes because they are not citizens. They take jobs away from people who are citizens. They undercut hard-working Americans and drive down the wages for everyone. And yes, a huge percentage of illegal aliens are on welfare. Even though they are not entitled to benefits, they still manage to receive them. They have a lot of help in California. And you don’t what you’re talking about when you speak about the Dream Act. It is taking money away from American citizens. And keeping children of American citizens out of state universities. Money that would have gone to those children goes to the children of illegal aliens. And you are the bigot and racist. The proof of that is your comment regarding illegal aliens coming in all colors. RL never mentioned color!!!! How dare you rail against someone who simply wants the laws respected and enforced. I understand what illegal aliens can do to a country. I see it every day. And it has nothing to do with people trying to escape bad things in their country. We can’t help that. Those bad things are now spreading across the border into our country. Been along the border in Texas lately? Steve jobs widow has more money than she can ever spend. She is an ultra left-wing liberal. She has no real perspective or experience other than what she reads about regarding illegal immigration. So I say again, you have no idea what you’re talking about. And they are illegal aliens, not illegal immigrants. Immigrants come into a country legally.

      2. Probably because California is host to a huge illegal immigrant population. And because of their fiscal fiasco, CA has no resources to do anything constructive.

        Me, I think that if people are willing to work hard and pay taxes, then give them a reasonable opportunity to become citizens.

        And by all means, give highly skilled people, educated in our own universities a green card without hassle, just like Jobs told Obama years ago.

  1. Don’t give a shit what Jobs’ wife says or thinks. Why is that relevant. Its like the earlier MDN shit story quoting a nameless, faceless, unknown nothing blogging on Seeking Alfi about Apple as an investment. Stop spaming your news with shit articles from people who havent earned the right to be quoted anywhere except on shit sites like Facebook.

    1. Well douchebag, I would say that her Stanford MBA holding ass has infinitely more interesting things to say than you.

      She is quite accomplished on her own and she controls the SPJ trust, which owns a huge chunk of Disney. She has more money than god and prefers to spend her energy these days on philanthropic work.

      Let me guess, she is offending your poor little conservative ‘values’…

      1. She is offending anyone who wants fiscal sanity in this country! The fact of the matter is that illegal immigrants are a huge financial burden to this country. The financial burden far outweighs the benefits. Obviously “Laurene Powell Jobs” is a limousine liberal, so the financial burden is of no consequence to her.

        If you want to read about the staggering costs of illegal immigrants to this country you can read it hear. But you’d probably rather remain in your own little liberal world of fiction.

        1. Do you know what cost more?

          1. Business subsidies in the US.
          2. The two unfunded wars we have been fighting for a decade.
          3. The fraud waste and abuse of the Military INdustrial Complex.
          4. The slimy and ineffective TSA.

          How about we stop buying enough hollow points to killl everyone in the country, stop paying sociopaths 14$ an hour to molest our citizens at the airport. Stop propping up big energy, big ag, big banks, and defense contractors. Stop waging fraudulent wars based on made up WMD’s and fix immigration instead. I would rather buy people cans of soup than bullets with my substantial tax dollars pal.

          How about we fix the broken, prejudiced, immigration policy in this country. Your cheap produce is cheap because american companies and farms exploit cheap migrant labor. That is fact. Clearly we need the workers, clearly they have something to offer. Why don’t we have a working visa program so we can collect taxes? Because big business doesn’t want it. Most of the meat processed in the US is done with illegal labor too.

          Stop blaming people for wanting to work and provide for their families. Stop making false equivalence between immigration and crime and welfare. The largest demographic on welfare are WHITE AMERICANS. Have a real discussion about the realities without the subtle racism and scare-mongering. Big Business exploits this system and lobbies to protect the status quo. I happen to think she is right, we should naturalize the kids that have been here, going to school, participating in society. The sooner we get these people on the tax rolls the better.

          And despite my distaste for right wing politics, I must point out. Traditionally hispanics trend Republican. They are a religious and family oriented people. I would think conservatives would be falling over one another to find a way to bring them into their dwindling ranks.

          I’ve witnessed first hand the narco violence in Mexico, I’ve seen the poverty there. I wish no harm on these people, I also hold no illusion of superiority based on winning the birth lottery. I can’t blame someone for wanting to escape the crushing burden of it.

          1. We are probably nearly on opposite sides of many areas of politics but this grabbed me:

            “I’ve witnessed first hand the narco violence in Mexico, I’ve seen the poverty there. I wish no harm on these people, I also hold no illusion of superiority based on winning the birth lottery. I can’t blame someone for wanting to escape the crushing burden of it.”

            I can’t and I won’t blame people for leaving Mexico one of the richest and simultaneously one of the most corrupt and unbalanced countries in the world with super wealthy super poor and not much in between. While I don’t blame I also don’t want o subsidize and prop up this corrupt country and allow them to drag us down too.

            We have our own problems here to deal with and Mexico needs to deal with theirs without harming us.

            I don’t blame immigrants really that much at all, I blame our society for ignoring the issue and pretending its not a problem.

      2. What does her Stanford MBA have to do with the illegals? And the fact that she was married to Steve Jobs and manages a trust has no bearing on her opinion on illegal aliens either. Nor does the fact that the trust owns a huge chunk of Disney have anything to do with illegal aliens crossing the border into our country. Philanthropic has nothing to do with Illegal entry into a country. That’s a matter for the federal authorities. And what does conservative or liberal politics have to do with breaking the law? You don’t make any sense.

        1. Her Stanford MBA indicates an above average academic rigor. It is an indication of her intelligence, hard work and effort.

          That she manages a major share of a company that employs hundreds of thousands of people and uses the earnings for philanthropic good indicates she holds great responsibility and uses this power wisely.

          That she speaks out for the poor and chooses to spend her time helping others rather than acting like a kardasian indicates great compassion, grounding, and caring for others.

          She and Steve lived in a simple home, no mcmansion, no cast of servants waiting on hand and foot. Despite Steve being one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Steve was driven by a desire to create great things. She is motivated by philanthropy. It speaks volumes for their character. If she has an opinion I want to hear it. Clearly Steve valued her thoughts, clearly she has above average intelligence. We know Steve did not suffer bozos. I am willing to hear her speak. I sense no hidden agenda. Frankly i find her more trustworthy than the majority of the corrupt robber barons in government.

          The liberal/conservative snark was in response to the conservative heads exploding in this forum btw.

          I make plenty of sense.

  2. Are you fscking crazy woman? REALLY?
    You are pathetic.If you had these people living on either side of you,parking their fscking cars in the front yard.(All 10 of them,on each side)grass a foot high in the yard, can’t speak a word of English you might understand where us TAX PAYING,FSCKING LEGAL AMERICANS YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND WHERE WE ARE COMING FROM.
    but no you rich fscks who support just opening the gates will NEVER have to be within 20 miles of these ignorant law breaking people.
    You make me sick. All of you in politics.
    What about US?
    Now go fsck yourself!

  3. What an unbelievable insult to the legacy of Steve Jobs to include the opinion of Marco Rubio to try to overshadow the effort by Steve’s wife. How two faced can you get? I fully expect this post to not get posted as I doubt the commitment that MDN has to the concept of free speech.

    1. This is not a public square, this is a privately owned web blog. You are not entitled to free speech here any more than I am entitled to enter your home and ‘free speech’ myself through telling you my opinion of you, your mother and your family.

  4. I really don’t give a rat’s ass what Jobs’s widow does with the fortune he created. Nor did I care that Jacqueline Kennedy liked to sunbathe nude on the beaches of Skorpios…in fact, I didn’t even care that Dennis “Tattoo Boy” Rodman went to North Korea to suck Kim Jong-un’s pee-pee. I do care about the continuing onslaught of evil attempting to destroy the Bill Of Rights and thus the power and sovereignty of this our country. Today was Jefferson’s birthday, he sure would be pissed if he were around today.

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