Facebook’s new ‘Home’ promises to ‘make any Android phone a Facebook phone’

“Facebook is taking over the Android operating system, the company announced this morning in a huge event at its headquarters,” Jolie O’Dell reports for VentureBeat.

“The new Facebook Android plan isn’t an OS and isn’t a phone, [Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg] continued, but it’s ‘a whole lot deeper than an ordinary app,'” O’Dell reports. “Facebook is now providing a tone-setting homescreen that will make your Android phone a lot more personal. It’s a family of apps called ‘Home.'”

O’Dell reports, “The new Home app bundle will be available for some devices starting today, Zuckerberg said. April 12 will be the start date for the larger rollout, when you can download Home directly from Android Play. Also, HTC and AT&T are partnering with Facebook to build Facebook Home-focused hardware.”

Facebook’s “Home” seen on a variety of Apple iPhone knockoffs and wannabes:

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MacDailyNews Take: Try as we might… yawn.


  1. FaceBook taking over Android is hilarious. Google spent all that time and effort ripping of iOS, only to have there cr@pware hidden under a layer of someone else’s cr@pware.
    What exactly was the point in expending resources on Android, if only to find your effort is instantly obfuscated.

  2. Wonder how may idiots who actually get one of these will go over their data limit due to the constant updates of pictures on the home screen.. Then they will sue Facebook

  3. Folks. there are over one billion facebook users. Ten times how many folks own iOS devices. If you do not think this is very bad news for Apple maybe you might agree Best Buy sqeezing them out is. You folks here better open your eyes. There are storm clouds approaching Apple from every direction. Investors are running away, soon customers will realize cool has left Apple.

    1. “Ten times how many folks own iOS”

      But Android users only use a small fraction of web access as iOS users.

      Then, as other journalists noted today, the older Android version don’t run FB Home, so again, half the Android phones won’t work for that.

      I think the Biz Model for “open phones” is seriously broken as a profitable business as far as I can see.

    2. Why not on a Windows Phone? Aren’t Facebook and Microsoft
      On to iOS , forget about it, you don’t let Facebook takeover you.
      Smart but not smart enough. Can only fool android oems, their idea
      is to make a Facebook phone but not the hardware part, only home
      screen and the rest is Facebook from there. Fools trying to smart.

  4. For those who love Facebook this is a very clever move. Zillions of Facebook phone at once. Glad again I have iOS since I hate Facebook and don’t use it.

  5. Um, available “on some devices” today?!?

    Anything for iOS would be available on hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads today. Not some small sliver of Android’s market.

    Boys and girls, can you say “Fragmentation”?

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