Google to make digital eyeglasses in the U.S. with Foxconn, sources say

“Google Inc. plans to make digital eyeglasses in the U.S. with Foxconn Technology Group according to a person familiar with the plans,” Tim Culpan and Brian Womack report for Bloomberg.

“The eyeware, designed by Google and featuring software and cameras, will be made by the Taiwanese company at its factory in California, the person said, asking not to be identified because the plans are not public,” Culpan and Womack report. “The Financial Times reported earlier today Foxconn’s flagship, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., will make the device.”

Culpan and Womack report, “Foxconn, based in Taipei, is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics and the primary supplier of iPhones, iPads and iPods for Apple Inc. Its factories in China and Brazil make as many as 400,000 iPhones per day… In June, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he expected to make the device available to product testers early this year with a broader consumer offering by 2014.”

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    1. Distract the wearers, creating danger for those around them, and record interactions for the amusement of voyeurs and against the wishes of other people. Isn’t that enough?

      1. oh. yeah, I guess so. was hoping it was some kinda digital application of corrective lenses with people with glaucoma and cataracts, etc…but Eric T Mole doesn’t need glasses in his underground world.

    2. • Get you beat up (maybe murdered) for recording people (or appearing to record people) without their permission.
      • Become cross-eyed from continuously focusing your gaze only centimeters in front of your eyes
      • Give Google massive amounts of data about you for their predictive heuristics
      • Help you look like a dork

  1. Foxconn Cali had better have a plan B to keep their production lines busy ’cause a butt-fugly eyewear device sure isn’t gonna make those robots hum for long…

  2. After the iPhone Apple lit a fire under Google, Samsung and Microsoft’s ass to try and desperately come out with devices they can claim are innovative to the market. Problem is they don’t consider much the social ramifications and people wearing Google glasses will probably end up being treated like pariahs. Google glasses seem very Big Brother. I am cool to glasses and the iWatch idea until I see them but not optimistic. But Google glasses at $1,000 a pop will see few takers in this economy except for the “desperate to be seen as hip” but really “not” crowd. Just more Borgification of humans. Pass.

  3. I have the perfect use for Google Glass since they’re capable of recording everything and every interaction you have 24/7. Make every Politician wear the GGlass and have all the data monitored for thievery.

  4. A facial Interface is another Google problem in search of a solution; advertising in the eyeball; implants?

    Like those expensive tablets in the late Nineties running WinXP and not much else; no one wants to pay dearly for a one-off gadget made a company with a history of disappointing their customers by withdrawing products and services after we get comfortable using them!

    Google’s Search for the Truth leads to a minefield of advertising, which convolutes the message and one has to wonder if that’s not by design?

    It matters not, the style or functionality, anyone wearing a computer on their face is depraved for attention; but it’s the wrong kind of attention. Novel yes, but no joy when you’re caught staring too long and someone walks across the room to slap those “stupid glasses” off your face!

    How long before anyone wearing prescription glasses has to start defending themselves because they like to leer, and are not recording?

    Google will scrap this plan too, if it’s anything like Google TV; another interface to a wasteland of advertising. Who wears a computer on their face but a vacuous mind behind the power curve viewing porn over dinner? Because that’s what this all comes down to; Google wants to deliver porn to your eyes so you can use both hands to stroke your ego.

    1. Oh, and let’s call these things for what they are, Goggles as in, you wouldn’t hit a man with goggles, would you?

      After which, I rip the Goggles from your face and hit you with them! So yes, I would hit a man with Goggles.

  5. I bet those Google engineers watched too much spy videos.
    It isn’t very interactive and if you don’t pronounce stuff well, it isn’t for you at all. And really how useful it is? People around will have more confusion about who are you talking to – glasses or them.

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