Samsung is tied to Apple’s coattails and always will be an Apple follower

“It’s lonely at the top, especially without challengers. Complacency is the biggest enemy, and for a while there, and arguably even today, Apple appeared to be getting complacent,” Ernie Varitimos writes for AppleInvestor. “Then came Samsung, a true contender in the mobile space that Apple dominates, producing products that are direct knock-offs from Apple products, this is not in doubt, in fact Samsung admits this to be a principle business strategy. But Apple is not phased.”

“There will be Samsung fanboys that will argue patent rights, and differentiators, to support their fantasy of an iKiller, a true contender, but they’re fooling themselves,” Varitimos writes. “Samsung is tied to Apple’s coattails and will always be a follower, because that is their strategy. It’s a flawed strategy, that will only take the electronics giant so far against Apple.”

Varitimos writes, “The next battle field is wearable computers, a market yet to be clearly defined…we’re all waiting for Apple to do that, so is Samsung. The problem for Samsung is the not knowing, they simply can’t anticipate where Apple will take wearable devices, and more over, there are places Apple can go, where Samsung cannot follow.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been saying for over a decade now:

Apple leads. The rest follow. As usual.

Samsung is the new Microsoft (which once trotted out a prop “Slate” while they waited for Apple to show them what to do and then stupidly ignored it.)

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  1. Haha, I made similar remarks in a comment here not too long ago. I can see the Samsung iWatch crew with the concept in pieces laying around the lab, engineers and designers off playing video games as they wait for Jony Ive to show them how to put it all together. Samsung is rudderless without Apple. You’d think they’d be more appreciative of the company they jacked their swagger from.

  2. OK. time to get this thread flowing…show of hands…how many of you Apple fanbois know that, only with the recent iPhone has Apple begun to cut back on the Samsung parts inside…………………….That’s Right, there’s Samdung in your iPhone!! Ha. Like a tiny mouse in your Pepsi can, right?!

    Even so, It’s a darn shame that Samsung only makes phones and iPhone parts…poor Samdung. :u( O wait they make a few TVs too. But when Apple makes their TV, I’m sure it will be in no way derivative.

    1. Why does this always pop up? Quite irrelevant. Some Fords use Volvo parts?! So? How many companies use rival competitor’s parts… Quite a few… Some things Samsung is able to make, with the rest they follow… Funny thing is, when Apple releases an iPhone with less Samsung parts, tests shows it gets better… Burn…

    2. Oh, I see you are under the impression that Samsung does some designing and engineering for Apple?

      No, you see, Samsung does at least two things (huge corporation): they assemble phones (among other things), and they manufacture components for themselves and others.

      Now, some companies that order components from Samsung likely get their off-the-shelf parts. Apple? not so much. If Apple gets off-the-shelf parts, it is because they are parts that are part of standards, such as cellphone radios. Qualcomm, among others supply such parts. So, this is why it is really odd that Samsung tries to abuse the SEP setup and tries to get Apple to pay extra, when this is how it is always done.

      Now, the special sauce that Apple uses, that could be manufactured by Samsung, among others. But this is to Apple’s specs, and is exclusive to Apple, whomever manufacturers these parts (A5 chips, milled aluminum cases, etc.). IF Samsung gets too cocky and passes these secrets from its manufacturing division to its phone assembly division, then they are in big trouble. Samsung phones cannot, must not, use Apple-designed silicon.

      Who cares who manufacturers something to Apple’s exact specs? That does not make it in any way “derived” from the manufacturer. (Though, I do concede that if Apple does a “TV”, it is likely to have a screen on the front, and an on-off switch; it will be that much “derivative”. Yet the iPhone followed other phones, and now everyone else’s phone has a large touch-screen and no keyboard like Apple’s.)

      Apparently you think the builder is greater than the architect, just because the architect didn’t get his hands dirty and lift all the steel girders into place himself? How delightfully simple your world must be.

  3. The copying continues!
    I was told by a Best Buy employee this past weekend that Samsung is about to open a sales kiosk directly across from the Apple location in their store.

  4. “Samsung is tied to Apple’s coattails and will always be a follower, because that is their strategy. It’s a flawed strategy”

    No, it is not a flawed strategy because they are making a fortune at it. The only flaw is the court system that allowes them to get away with it. Even if they get fined, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to that they are making.

    1. A successful parasite manages to extract nutrients without weakening its host enough to threaten its life.

      How well Samsung does will depend on how greedy they get. If the parasite problem gets too bad, the host gets motivated to deal with it, instead of living with it.

  5. “Then came Samsung… producing products that are direct knock-offs from Apple products, this is not in doubt, in fact Samsung admits this to be a principle business strategy.”

    Except when they’re in court. Then, of course, they don’t make knock-offs at all and all those admissions never happened.

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