Former Microsoft COO: ‘Apple era may be on its way out’

“Former chief operating officer of Microsoft, Bob Herbold, said in an article Monday that he doesn’t believe Apple has the vision and leadership that it once had and the ‘Apple era may be on its way out,'” Mark Knapp reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“Herbold said that Steve Jobs had what it took to lead the company in the right direction,” Knapp reports. “He named off several industry leaders that he thought fit the profile: IBM’s Lou Gerstner and Sam Palmisano, Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs, and of course the late Steve Jobs. Notably omitted from the list was Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook.”

Knapp reports, “In his opinion, the company could turn it around if it launches something revolutionary in the next 6 to 9 months, but otherwise, there may be little future for Apple as an industry leader.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wishful thinking from a former exec at a badly beaten company. Tim Cook has more leadership in his pinky than Microsoft has had for the last 13 years.

Herbold’s comments have been iCal’ed for future use.


  1. Bravely spoken from a proven loser who previously worked for an equally losing company. I love how just because these blowhard jerks can’t see what Apple is up to at the moment that they must be stagnating and failing… Until they aren’t! I really hope Apple does something jaw dropping soon just to put these Bozos, who have zero vision themselves and are as clueless as they come, in their place.

    1. When it does happen… and it WILL happen, these said “bozos” will just discount it anyway… just like every other time. The incredible brilliance of Apple is that none of these so-called pundits won’t recognize the innovation for what it really is until well after the fact. This allows them to downplay the success, copy it, and then turn around and accuse Apple of “losing its edge”.


      1. Goodbye,
        Him better than sum! At least him use capital H, and put… between his sentences. And verb in right place, even if ‘step’ am not rite tense. Sum am much worse.
        But pleeease, Americans, “loose” am your 42″ pants on your 36″ waist. Microscum am LOSER company. And sometimes I LOSE my keys.
        Bizarro Seamus

  2. Not just stupid — we can get ‘stupid’ from any one of a wealth of ‘analysts’. But the delusional arrogance required to say this – wow! And from a former COO of THE lead company in the creation of the “dark ages of personal computing”. A company whose motto might as well be, “Make it barely good enough for the sheep. They’ll take it.” So delusional they put out the pile of rubbish that was Vista. Sheesh!!

  3. How many revolutionary products has Microsoft come up with? How many revolutionary products has Apple released? What will another product in the next 6 to 9 months do for Apple that the other revolutionary products the released in the last few years hasn’t done to save it from being “on its way out”?

    What a moron.

    1. And also after they were released… Doomed, I tell ya, Doomed! Oh, the Humanity! Oh, the terror!

      Wait! Wait! The sky isn’t falling. Er, ah… We was wrong! We will now make our own MS-Zune, MS-PhoneyPhone and Hmmm, I wonder what else will Surface?

      And sure enough looked what floated to the top of the MS cesspool. More MicroCrap!

      Not that I have any feelings about this.

      MDN. , may I ask why you even give this wanker broadband space? He is a waste of skin.

  4. Every other company on earth can seemingly make a product and suck every lost drop out of it with little more forward thinking and Wall Street doesn’t bat an eye.

    When it comes to Apple, if they aren’t reinventing the wheel every two to three years they’re doomed!

    And it’s actually sort of true, and I’ll tell you why: Because every other tech company on earth pretty much watches what Apple does and then mimics it with a cheaper version that costs very, very little in R&D (let alone blood, sweat and caffeine) and then peddles its me-too crap to millions of idiots who don’t know the difference while the media and courts look the other direction.

    So, this ass clown might be half right. If only because the rules of what makes a company a solid investment are so different for Apple than the rest of the tech world.

    1. Every other company also has an expansive line of products or services, and complex options. This serves two purposes. One size does not fit all, so you find the gaps in your target market- everybody-and gin up products to fill them. That way you reach more market segments. Wall Street likes that. The second purpose is to disguise your failures. Before you scrap them, move them back behind a display of your other merchandise. Wall Street is distracted by the other stuff and will let the failures slide. But Apple’s product line can be laid out on your kitchen table. If even one of them fails in any way, it stands out like a barn rash on an albino. This is why Apple is forever doomed. The narrow focus involves higher risk, frontal exposure, betting the deed on one horse. Every Apple product announcement is like D-Day. If Normandy isn’t taken every time, the Axis has won.

  5. Hilarious. I remember back when these same guys said the same stuff about Steve when came back to rescue Apple. They all thought it was hopeless and that Steve wasn’t a real businessman. Now they worship him but think Apple’s doomed because he’s no around!

  6. … or, maybe not. But I won’t be selling my AAPL shares any time soon.
    There is NO question in my mind, though, that “the Microsoft era IS on it’s way out.”. When was the last time they saw a year-over-year share price growth? Or earnings growth? Or market share growth? Yet mutual funds still tout their shares!

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