Jony Ive leaves his mark as Skeuomorphism vanishes from Podcasts app

“It has been nearly six months since Tim Cook fired long-time iOS manager Scott Forstall. Now, we’re beginning to see what this shakeup has meant for the company, and for iOS,” Brian M. Wolfe reports for AppAdvice.

“Very little is known about iOS 7, Apple’s first mobile OS without Forstall as a manager,” Wolfe reports. “However, according to The Wall Street Journal, Ive is pushing a ‘flat design’ that is ‘starker and simpler’ than past versions.”

Wolfe reports, “The first indication of what the iOS reboot may ultimately look like takes the form of the recently updated Podcasts app. Version 1.2… includes a number of new tools. However, its biggest change is the loss of the reel-to-reel skeuomorphism of past versions.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.


  1. I like the skeuomorphism version better, comparing the screenshots. It seems more intuitive to push the skeuomorphism buttons rather than the icon alone.

  2. What I like eye candy.

    BTW Does the app work any better with the update? New iPhone owner here. I’ve read there have been many complaints about the function, not the skeuomorphism, of this podcast app.

  3. My view on skeuomorphism is that it does have a place, but it should be used minimally and only when it is helpful or useful. The reel-to-reel thing was neither and needed to go, it was just unnecessary eye candy.

    Now, let’s please get rid of all the leather and wood from the Find My Friends app. It is absolutely vile, if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean.

    1. I agree with getting rid of the leather. I hate it. I was never into those Franklin Planners and all their overpriced “attachments”, but the reel-to-reel was really nice. It did convey usable info as well. Maybe the real issue is that people in their 50’s like me, will love it because of the memories, and I’m assuming you must be under 40 and don’t have that attachment.

      This may be silly, but maybe they should ask us our age and have generation specific configurations.

      ….but then again, I hate the leather more than I love the reel-to-reel, so my being stuck in the “old-timers” generation may not work for me either. Damn, I hate when a great idea falls apart !

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