EU antitrust regulators monitoring distribution of Apple’s iPhone, iPad

“EU antitrust regulators have been informed of possible anti-competitive issues related to distribution of Apple’s iPhone and iPad tablets,” Foo Yun Chee reports for Reuters.

“‘The Commission has been made aware of Apple’s distribution practices for iPhone and iPad. There have been no formal complaints though,’ Antoine Colombani told a daily briefing,” Chee reports.

Brief article in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: Related to distribution of iPhone and iPad? Carrier haves and have-nots?

UPDATE: 1:31pm EDT: Yup. See related article below.

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Why Apple’s iPad and iPhone distribution faces EU antitrust scrutiny – March 22, 2013


    1. Pretty weak writing, but good info. Too many toss-off lines like:
      • Apple’s growth has slowed in recent quarters, and the company’s stock price is down 37 percent since September

      • recent investigation of Apple and four major book publishing groups that were trying to fix prices for e-books through selling agreements

      that aren’t fact based.

      1. Yes, the NYT article is pretty lousy, but it’s considerably better than the short piece that Reuters have published and which will be widely reprinted all over the world.

        Reuters has long since given up on fact-based reporting, which is a shame because they used to have an excellent reputation.

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