Apple stock price breaks 50-day moving average

“Shares of Apple (AAPL) are up $6.38, or 1.4%, at $459.08, and briefly as high as $461.80, just above a 50-day moving average of $460.44,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“CNBC’s Seema Mody on the channel noted it was the first time the stock had broken its 50-day moving average since October 29th,” Ray reports. “A close above the average today would be the first time since October 4th.”

Ray reports, “The stock got an endorsement this morning from RBC Capital’s Amit Daryanani, who expects the much-rumored ‘iPhone 5S’ to arrive in June or July, and a lower-priced iPhone, below $400 wholesale, sometime in the June quarter or ‘early Q3.'”

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  1. The stock doing well today had absolutely nothing to do with that analyst’s comment. People have been saying rumors about iPhone 5S release for months he’s just another person who said it on another random day. The stock bounced because of technical and fundamental reasons.

  2. It’s called momentum. And it doesn’t always have to be based on fact. Or technicals or fundamentals. It’s the main reason that Apple shot up so high last summer. Too high too fast. It’s the main reason that Apple dropped so sharply the last 5 1/2 months. Too low too fast. Apple didn’t deserve to shoot up to $705 that quickly. And it certainly didn’t deserve to drop as low as it has so quickly. But that’s life. Shit happens. That’s why you have to manage your money. You have to actively be involved with your money or you will lose a lot of it. It will happen again in both directions. It’s nothing new. Happens every day in the stock market. To many, many, many companies. Not just AAPL. So don’t be surprised when it happens again. It’s not a plot. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just uninformed investors over reacting. Both directions. But I do agree with the article that Apple should be trending up even more shortly. But be careful out there.

    1. I haven’t lost any money since I have cashed in. Wished I’d cashed in some of it last September but I think the opportunity will be back again. In spades hopefully. But your right about managing your money but the trick is to avoid bad decisions and timing.

      1. Yes, too bad you didn’t cash out last September. I did. You certainly will do better going forward. But it took losing my ass years ago to get my head right. It’s funny how losing almost all your money can wake you up. I’m afraid there are a lot of people who have understood that for the last 5 1/2 months. Nobody is perfect. Learn by your mistakes. Never be too big to admit that you screwed up. Profit from your mistakes. Learn to take your profits occasionally before it becomes a loss. All stocks go up and then down and then back up hopefully. Apple is no exception. That is painfully obvious to many.

      1. Do you think your comments are helpful or clever, or contribute in some way? I always roll my eyes whenever I see a comment with your picture next to it, because I know I’m going to be reading something asinine or petty or impish. Get a life, weenie.

      2. Yes, too high too fast. Look at the chart. Momentum.Too many wannabe buyers piling on to a very successful company’s stock. Just as the momentum of negative sentiment has driven the stock-price straight down for the last 6 months. Just because you like what a company makes doesn’t have anything to do with investing in that company. When you have been an investor in a company and sentiment and momentum drive the stock price to extreme highs, you had better use your head and cash in your chips. Because you won’t have to wait long to get right back in to that same company at a much lower (profitable) price if you so choose. Or you can take all that profit and do whatever you want with it. But to ignore such an opportunity to make money (that’s why you invested in the first place) is foolish. And expensive.

  3. as you know stock temporarily up and down. unfortunately, mostly apple stock has been dropped more than 6 months. once it dropped, it can’t recovered what it was. now I just watch when it will be dropping again (I mean easily). by the way apple should stop making iWatch. don’t they see it will be failed?

    1. I love Edward the Troll! He’s English is so Korean! How much pride did you have watching Samsung embarass themselves to the world last week? You prolly can’t talk about it much too much shame

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