Developers prefer Apple’s iOS Maps SDK over Google Maps

“An in depth comparison of the development frameworks behind Apple’s Maps and Google’s finds pros and cons in both, but highlights Apple’s as more mature, less limited and recommended for most third party app developers,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The ‘new”‘ iOS 6 Maps replaced Google’s mobile maps as the source of its mapping data and search features; Apple’s loss of Google’s server-side expertise in mapping meant that the new iOS 6 Maps introduced some obvious and problematic location errors and downgraded its search efficiency and accuracy in ways that were impossible for users to miss,” Dilger reports. “These flaws were obvious enough to sap much of the excitement away from the novel features that Apple had added to Maps, including 3D perspective with building models, Flyover for adding depth to satellite views (depicted above) and turn by turn navigation.”

Dilger reports, “While many reviews of iOS 6 complained about the new Maps app, developers had a different initial expectation: rather than seeing negative changes on the client end, they looked forward to positive changes on the back end… A new report by Michael Grothaus of Fast Company profiles the experiences of two UK developers in integrating support for the rival Map SDKs of Apple and Google in their own apps, noting that Apple’s maturity, completeness and unlimited all offer ‘enormous advantages’ over Google.”

Much more in the full article here.

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