Developers prefer Apple’s iOS Maps SDK over Google Maps

“An in depth comparison of the development frameworks behind Apple’s Maps and Google’s finds pros and cons in both, but highlights Apple’s as more mature, less limited and recommended for most third party app developers,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The ‘new”‘ iOS 6 Maps replaced Google’s mobile maps as the source of its mapping data and search features; Apple’s loss of Google’s server-side expertise in mapping meant that the new iOS 6 Maps introduced some obvious and problematic location errors and downgraded its search efficiency and accuracy in ways that were impossible for users to miss,” Dilger reports. “These flaws were obvious enough to sap much of the excitement away from the novel features that Apple had added to Maps, including 3D perspective with building models, Flyover for adding depth to satellite views (depicted above) and turn by turn navigation.”

Dilger reports, “While many reviews of iOS 6 complained about the new Maps app, developers had a different initial expectation: rather than seeing negative changes on the client end, they looked forward to positive changes on the back end… A new report by Michael Grothaus of Fast Company profiles the experiences of two UK developers in integrating support for the rival Map SDKs of Apple and Google in their own apps, noting that Apple’s maturity, completeness and unlimited all offer ‘enormous advantages’ over Google.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Google Maps show you the way but Apple Maps take you all the way.

    It’s like comparing a Yugo jacked up on a pile of bricks – Google Maps – you can get behind the wheel but won’t get anywhere in a hurry, whereas Apple Maps is like that sleek Ferrari that will not only get you where you want to go, but do it in some style too.

    1. Hey, don’t make fun of Google’s camera cars like that! The Yugos with an old HP camera strapped to the top did a fantastic job at taking blurry StreetView photos!

    1. I completely disagree. The biggest difference I have noticed is that there are fewer points of interest, but the direct connection to Yelp! is much more useful.

      The turn-by-turn is fantastic, and I have found Apple Maps to be more accurate than Google Maps. There are locations which were never on Google Maps that are on Apple Maps, and that’s the most important feature.

    2. I have yet to come across an address that Apple Maps couldn’t find just as well as Google Maps, but that is just my experience. In fact, I prefer Apple Maps to google maps.

    3. I still prefer Google Maps, it’s simpler to use. Don’t get me wrong, apple maps is ok, and I hope it does get better, but at the moment Google wins for me.

  2. Apple maps could be the best – if I could easily search for a business or place of interest in the UK without knowing the post code/ zip code. At present I have to search for a business on google and copy and paste the address to Maps – which is a pain in the ass! Perhaps a shortcut from Safari ‘open in Maps’ would help….
    I’m afraid until Apple address this fundamental problem with the maps application I have to stick with google maps. Google’s turn by turn navigation is surprisingly good.

      1. Well, being a country boy theres very little in terms of local information on Apple Maps, I can’t even find my local pubs on Apple Maps…not one!! OK, theres only three in my town, but still if I was a tourist relying on Apples Maps I’d be very thirsty…

    1. We’ve been traveling across England Belgium and France for weeks. My wife and I both have data packages on our iPhones. She uses Google Maps and I use Apple Maps. On this trip, Apple Maps has beaten google hands down.

  3. I still have problems with Apple maps. It is better than six months ago however. However it’s bad news when they get wrong locations in Burbank California. But to be fair, Google has been at it for a long, long time. I don’t see how Apple could ever hope to catch-up. I mean realistically. Google just has too many years head start and too many resources devoted to maps. Perhaps if Apple were to acquire one of the large mapping services it could help some? But whether people like to admit it or not, Street View can’t be beat. For driving directions I have a great simple app that I use, Motion- X -Drive. It’s great! And for a couple of bucks you can upgrade to voice turn by turn street directions. And personally I don’t care how well Apple does maps. Apple doesn’t have to do everything. I couldn’t care less if my maps are provided by someone other than Apple. They’re just maps. I’m much more interested in how Apple will take over the living room then maps. Put all that effort into the Apple iTV Tim.

  4. There are still some areas, especially in relatively new fast rising housing tracts in San Diego County in Socal, that need more map data. I have submitted info but have yet to see it added. With Apple’s resources and the money in the bank to pay for additional personnel I don’t understand why this kind of map data can’t be added quickly. Anything Google can do Apple can do much better. In another year or two, maybe less, I expect Apple Maps to become a powerhouse mapping app kicking Google’s limited butt. Then like Ash in EVIL DEAD II we can say “Who’s laughing NOW!???”

  5. Developers may prefer Crapple Maps but users prefer Google Maps. It is not even close.

    Look at Apple’s own charts of free apps. Google Maps is more popular than these massively used apps:
    NCAA March Madness
    Find My iPhone
    The Bible
    The Weather Channel
    Yahoo Mail
    iHeart Radio
    Amazon Mobile
    TuneIn Radio

    Apple really screwed the pooch on Maps. It does not steer people into the Atlantic Ocean anymore, but it is still way behind the curve for all but Fanbois and Pro apologists like Daniel Eran Dilger.

    Yeah, I said it.

    Mac Pro with LED Cinema- Mac user since 1984
    MacBook (13″ Al- not Pro)
    iPhone 5 (Prev 4 3GS, 3)
    iPad 32GB (Current Gen)- all previous models prior
    Apple TV (160 GB HD)
    Airport Extreme Dual Band w Improved Antenna
    Mac Mini Server (LR Media Server)

    So don’t be calling troll.

    1. Yeah, you are a fucking troll. No one with the amount of stuff you say you have from Apple would refer to them as crapple. You are a “son of a bitch batshit crazy eyes troll” if ever there was one. Probably hired by Samdung or maybe even CCTV.

      Apple Maps is nowhere near what you make them out to be. I use Apple Maps ALL the time and I have yet to be disappointed.

    2. Your premise is flawed. Apple Maps cannot be downloaded from the App Store, so therefore it will never be rated on any list of popular apps because those are ranked based on number of downloads.

      And just because you download an app does not mean you use it more than another app. I can’t count the number of apps I have downloaded and subsequently deleted because I hated the app or simply don’t use it.

      Perfect examples off of your list: Groupon (deleted), Skype (used once every 2-3 months), The Weather Channel (used 1/mo), eBay (almost never used), Facebook (avoid as much as possible), LinkedIn (rarely used), Yelp (I use the link from Apple Maps much more).

      Because of all the Maps publicity, I’m sure many, many people have downloaded Google Maps and others to give them a whirl. Doesn’t mean they keep using the app.

    3. Gee you sure sound like you need a hug or something. Look I know the stock hasn’t reached $400 a share yet and is moving away from that price but give it a couple of weeks.

      Yes mapplegate wasn’t Apple’s best moment, but neither was the round mouse and a whole bunch of other stuff. Apple does wonders but they don’t hit a home run every time at bat.

      Anyway I hope you are having a good day.

      1. Maps are a big part of a smartphone and Crapple Maps is a step down from Google Maps. The point was that the author is a professional Apple apologist and is just spinning for profit.

        Who gives a rat’s ass which platform developers supposedly prefer- they will go where the money is. iOS Maps runs on iPads and iPhones while Google Maps runs everywhere. One is a boutique toy and the other a broad platform with global reach.

        Maps is a big deal- especially when the CEO has to publicly apologize and recommend third party apps. With Crapple Maps, Apple answered the question nobody was asking and pulled a Microsoft by undercutting a business partner.

        Apple should allow us to delete the abortion that is Crapple Maps and choose Google Maps as the default- kind of like MS afflicted should be able to opt out of IE.

        1. Sucessful trolling is done by “appearing” NOT to be a troll. You leave no doubt whatsoever, you are a TROLL for sure. That makes anything you say meaningless.

          1. Paul, do you know what a troll is capable of? It is not a personal attack on you, grow up dude. Believe it or not but Apple is not the be all and end all of computing, just like Google, Microsoft and many others it has its flaws.

            You probably think I’m a troll now.

            Grow up! and let people express there opinion with out belittling them, and yes, even you are allowed to have an option, just keep it clean.

            Sincerely, BJM

    4. Sorry Provocateur to shine a little light of reality here, but everyone I know who actually use maps every day (most of my friends are photographers) MUCH prefer Apple maps to get them where they are going.

  6. I like that instead of linking to the actually piece by a journalist for Fast Company who fairly portrayed the pros and cons of both map SDKs, you link to Daniel Eran Dilger’s hilariously propagandist rewrite of the entire article which pulls all the positives of Apple, negatives of google, and concludes something completely different while plagiarising large amounts of someone else’s work.

    Stay classy.

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