Apple CEO Tim Cook falls from 1st to 18th in Glassdoor’s tech CEO rankings

“Apple employees who reviewed their CEO on say they still like Tim Cook — just less than they liked him last year,” Julianne Pepitone reports for CNN Money.

“Glassdoor, which collects employees’ reviews of their companies and ranks their leaders by approval rating, said Cook dropped to 18th on the list of most-liked tech CEOs in 2013,” Pepitone reports. “Last year, Cook not only topped the tech CEO list, he was also No. 1 on Glassdoor’s list of CEOs across all industries.”

Pepitone reports, “Cook’s approval rating fell four percentage points from a year ago, though it stands at still-strong 93%… Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg catapulted to No. 1.”

Read more in the full article here.

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        1. It was indeed a dramatic fall. Still, it would be interesting to know the average capital gain experienced by all the employees. At one point it was predicted that over 1,000 of the 3,000 employees would become millionaires at the IPO. Even half a million should make the average individual smile at least a bit, and be willing to adore their lead hoodie, at least in a survey.

      1. You wouldn’t be a Ted Nugent, would you? Oh wait Ted IS a closet gay, bad analogy—I mean anybody that obsessed with guns and hunting, constantly hanging out with other dudes…i mean..c’mon?! right?!

  1. Who the f*** cares.

    The essential question is: Is Apple still the great innovative company that it was when Steve Jobs was still alive? One who cares deeply for its customers and makes great efforts to delight its customers in every which way possible?

    Every time I have had an issue with an Apple product, all I have to do is bring it into an Apple Store or call Apple Support and it’s resolved very quickly. Can any other manufacturer say that? I’ve dealt with them all: HP, Sony, Samsung (for monitors), Dell, Microsoft. Every single one of their support services suck.

    And don’t talk to me about Samsung. Their monitors fail after a year of use. Do you think they would admit to shoddy workmanship if something died after the warranty period expired? No. But Apple will, and I have direct evidence of that. My MacBook Pro battery died and Apple took responsibility and replaced it for free even though it was just outside the one year period of warranty.

    There’s a reason why customers keep coming back to Apple. Their after sales service is second to none. And I believe Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook, are a major part of that effort.

    Thank you Apple, and thank you Tim Cook.

    1. Well said. Steve Jobs built an almost perfect Jewel and I don’t think there is another soul on the planet that could continue that execution in his absense.

  2. Tim Cook did an excellent job of ignoring all the current FUD and not even flinchng in knee jerk reaction, just like Steve Jobs would have done.

    He will take Apple to the next level which will only be realized once the lame tech media pull their heads iut of their asses and kearn to identify the difference between Apple and the mediocre pretend alternatives.

    1. Yeah really…. This is the kinda of report that would normally have the cook bashing peepeeterson dancing in the aisle and frothing at the mouth with glee and communicable diseases.

  3. Any survey with Guck on the top is a flawed survey.

    … but the slow tepid risk-averse management of Apple under Cook is clear to anybody.

    “supply chain genius”, my ass.

  4. good thing this is employee voted because if people really think that a social networking company like Facebook won’t become obsolete we’re living in an idiocracy.

  5. Run the stock back up, increase the dividend, stop missing estimates and guidance, put some more products into the market and then you can be number 1. Until then, maybe we should consider a replacement…..

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