Apple’s rumored ‘iWatch’ is too late?

“Apple is always highlighted in investing news, but buyer beware — sometimes hype is just hype. Apple’s iWatch appears to be a reality; even Bloomberg noticed its 79 patent applications with the word ‘wrist’ in it. But that doesn’t mean it’s worth your time,” Renee Butler writes for TheStreet. “A bevy of people say this iWatch is going to be a game changer… I say, several other companies are already producing ‘smartwatches.’ So unless Apple comes up with something truly revolutionary, it is going to clock more down days than up, in the near term.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple doesn’t enter markets in order to perpetuate the status quo. Apple enters markets in order to disrupt them, because they’ve invented a better way. If Apple releases a smartwatch, it won’t be like “other companies.” We now return you to the musing of someone who’s totally unfamiliar with, or ignoring, the way Apple has operated through history.

Butler writes, “Year after year, companies have been launching various versions of these “smartwatches.” There’s Sony’s (SNE_) SmartWatch, which is compatible with Google’s Android operating system. Kickstarter raised a mammoth $10.27 million last year to help bring Pebble to market; this one runs both iOS and Android (although it cannot run SMS on iOS). Heard of the MartianWatch, MetaWatch or I’m Watch? In all that time, these ‘smartwatches’ have yet to catch on. Apple is just playing catch-up. In other words, Apple would be really behind the mark if it didn’t produce its own version.”

For what it’s worth (about zero) the full article is here.

MacDailyNews Take: As with everything else, if Apple doesn’t think they’re bringing something new to the table, a game-changer, then they won’t enter a market. (At least, they shouldn’t, if they’re still being run correctly, which we believe they are.) This goes for watches, TVs, streaming radio, and anything else the rumor sites can dream up.

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  1. The reasons a smart watch doesn’t take off.

    1.) Too expensive (Sony?)
    2.) Too little features (Sony?)
    3.) Too obscure (Pebble)
    4.) Not Apple

    I am not saying that Apple can release an expensive and feature poor smart watch and it will take off. What I am saying is it doesn’t matter what companies release. If it doesn’t seamlessly tie in to an iPhone the way Apple sees it, it might not be all that appealing to the mass market.

    I see an Apple smart watch as a second screen for your pre-existing smart phone or iPad. It’s a, who’s calling, bluetooth adapted device, SIRI enabled, iCal on top. It will work with Nike+, play your music and podcasts. Your phone can be near by, in your pocket or charging. Look up weather, sports scores. Play adapted games. The performance won’t be in the watch, it will be in the host device.

    The watch needs to be as simple as possible to utilize a little energy as possible.

    I bet if there is anything holding it back, it’s bent glass, low power bluetooth, and a screen technology that is passively powered. The nice thing, when we get that, Apple can adapt new low power tech to it’s main stream products to get better battery live.

    Maybe the act of wearing the watch will supply enough energy to keep it powered.

    1. A host device, yes, like a dumb terminal to an iPhone mainframe. It should host FaceTime, Siri, & alerts of phone calls & selected alerts, services that all get transmitted from the iPhone. That would be so cool & unbelievably useful. A personal assistant everywhere you go, all day long.

  2. I’m not sure where the market is regarding Pebble. What proof do we have that it’s an abject failure? Are they reporting their sales numbers? Is anyone else?

  3. There is an elitist (in a good way) side to being an Apple guy. I would expect that many High End watch owners are APPL folks. I for one will not be putting my Rolexs away in favour of an iWatch.

  4. Companies are making smart watches just like companies were making mp3 players. Meaningless twaddle. Pebble raised so much money because people wanted it to be good, it’s not good enough though.

      1. No, the point is that just because other companies are making smart watches it has no bearing on whether Apple should launch one. There were loads of crappy mp3 players around, none of which really had much traction, then the iPod came around and created the market we have now, and arguably opened the door for the iPhone and other high tech phones.

  5. This is absurd. In the past few months we’ve gone from leaks about how Apple is considering an iWatch, to the iWatch will cause the share price to skyrocket and finally this article saying that Apple has missed their chance. Why even make products anymore? The pundits will run through the entire product life cycle before anything is even announced. I guess we can now start talking about iWatch version 2.0 or some such nonsense.

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