Microsoft, Samsung each attempt to patent Apple’s ‘Pinch-to-Zoom’ feature

“Yesterday we covered a patent filing form Microsoft that clearly demonstrated their intentions of copying Apple’s Pinch and Zoom feature. Samsung, who is trying everything in their power to invalidate Apple’s Pinch & Zoom, is now trying to patent this all-important touchscreen feature as well,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“A new patent application published last week by the US Patent Office clearly demonstrates this fact,” Purcher reports. “With published applications from Microsoft and Samsung surfacing at the US Patent Office in the same week claiming that the Pinch & Zoom function is their own original invention is testament to how critical a feature this is for modern day touchscreen devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Wanna cry seeing how this tech patents thing has been developing.

    The very obvious can become very distorted with all these reasoning “experts” in name of fairness and justices. They really should screw themselves rather than the world.

    People say SJ has his reality distortion field kinda power. But after all these years of observing the tech industry and comparing to all those who have been criticizing SJ, I believe it is to the contrary… that most of the evils (Eric in particular) and those slavish copiers are indeed masters of this reality distortion field. They turn truth into lies, lies into truth, copying into originating…

    SJ is more like a uncompromising kid being bullied by those sweet talks evils.

  2. In most legal systems around the world the word ‘truth’ has disappeared and been replaced with a more correct term, ‘$$$$’. This has allowed for more ‘flexibility of purpose’ when dispensing ‘Justice’ thus validating ‘right’ equalling ‘wrong’. Get used to it!

    1. Legal, ethical, and moral have always been distinct terms. And political and legal process perversion by money is also an old well-established corruption.

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