The last 6 times Tim Cook has talked, Apple’s stock has dropped

“On Wednesday afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed investors and the media at the company’s annual shareholders meeting,” Jason Gilbert reports for The Huffington Post.

“It was the sixth time in the last five months that Cook has made something like a public appearance; and it is also the sixth time in the past five months that Apple’s stock (AAPL) has closed down after Cook appeared,” Gilbert reports. ” It’s a streak that dates back to October 2012, when Cook introduced the iPad mini, and it is a trend that has gone unbroken for about five months now: When Cook appears, AAPL goes down.”

Gilbert reports, “The last time AAPL rose in conjunction with a Tim Cook appearance was in September, when Apple and Cook introduced the iPhone 5 and the stock opened at $666.85 and closed at $669.79. Otherwise, it’s been all downhill for the once sky-high AAPL each time Cook has emerged, no matter what he’s introduced, promised or offered to shareholders.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Dear Tim,



AAPL shareholders

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    1. Paul,
      Cute….. but if you remember the WOZ (Wizard of OZ) was only a guy with a bag of hot air that was really good at fooling people (classic movie not current production).

      And while I will TOTALLY give Woz credits for engineering, he was never a business or marketing person. Sorry to say.


  1. Wall Street is just pissed off because Apple doesn’t need to borrow any of their money so they can’t make money off the stock and interest on loans so they are pissed.- If Apple owed money the stock might go up..

  2. I never thought I’d be disappointed by an MDN take, but that was pathetic. It assumes that there is a rational reason for the decline, when it is obvious that the a hole fund managers have it in for Apple, and Tim, for reasons I’m not aware of. The presence of market manipulation is well known and delineated, by the very people in charge of the markets. Since AAPL and GOOG were neck and neck at 700 over the summer, google has shown almost all negative signs (with the one exception being market share of a system that they are $12B in the hole for, and which they continue to be unable to successfully monetize), while Apple continues to make profit hand over fist, with very healthy growth, particularly for it’s enormous size, with many many future prospects (growth in china, recurring software revenue, very sticky ecosystem, and controlling the majority of profits in the quickly growing mobile computer market). Where’s your loyalty, or common sense, MDN?

  3. Oh Gods fuck off already. If I wanted daily carping on something as meaningless as Apple’s stock price, I’d have Yahoo as my home page.

    Dear MDN: stick to tech news, and fuck off already with the “Apple stock manipulation talking point of the hour”.

  4. Dear big investors of AAPL, tonight Apple is hitting its 52 weeks low , I am already very scared and frustrated that I decide to surrender all of my AAPL I bought at $680 . I don’t want to see AAPL to fall to $300 . I give up !!
    I learnt a lesson that stock market is just a fraud . Just a lie !!! I will never anything in share market forever !!!!

  5. Even when Steve spoke apple stock dropped. historically apple stock rises on rumors (ie before an announcement) and falls on fact (after the announcement). been buying twice a year since 2003 and am still buying now. long in apple!

  6. You all might look elsewhere for the cause. After the trial verdict last August, Apple’s competitor here in Seoul (where I live) seems to have gone on a war-time footing, and the daily barange of ant-Apple articles in the vernacular press intensified. All fall the Korean press cheered AAPL’s fall in value as evidence of the inevitable decline of the company, accompanied globally by increasingly shrill press bashing Apple. Does anyone believe financial warfare can excluded from business retribution? In sum if seeking sources of AAPL price decline, look not to Cupertino, but elsewhere for networks of financial power.

  7. I guess the almost 11 dollar drop in Apple stock would be referred to by Tim Cook as “silly”!! When you look up the word “geek” in the dictionary you will see Cook’s picture! This loser is doing EXACTLY that to Apple!

  8. First of all I am a 10 year shareholder. The problem with Apple is that Tim Cook’s Apple is failing to recognize that the market wants larger phones, I would prefer a smaller IPAD Mini wit retinal that was a phone. Under Tim Cook, he hired a terrible head of retail, maps fiasco, new products never ship without 6 week leads, missed earnings 5 times, always talks about how people love Apple, new terrible interface to Apple TV, Awful Awful TV ad and very few of them to boot, can’t stop talking about how money they made last year. He is quickly destroying Apple and how soon will Apple Stock be lower than before Steve Jobs passed. Very ad to witness.

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