Apple shares fall to lowest close since January 2012

“Apple Inc (AAPL) shares on Friday fell to their lowest closing level in more than 13 months, ending the day down by almost $11 a share, or 2.5%, at $430.47,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“It was Apple’s lowest close since Jan. 24, 2012,” Crum reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: TGIF. Tap the keg!

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  1. Goodness gracious me the sky is falling! Sit back and enjoy the ride you parasites of Wall Street as Apple Inc. weaves its magic yet again in 2013. Looking forward to seeing what tech wizardry is in the offing for all of us to enjoy. Bring it On!

  2. Who cares?
    Apple should give back the money to the shareholders… and leave this silly stock logic.
    Apple should just go on making terribly good products and sell them, free of that bunch of ignorant money makers.

  3. After using Android for a day I’ve just put in a buy a order for Apple shares.

    That is a truly shit system, anyone who claims otherwise must be out or their minds. “Customisation” gets thrown around a lot, but is so complicated to do it’s best left for people whose lives revolve around tweaking their phones. Apps are crap. The phones crash. Battery life is a joke.

    Once Apple gets all the pieces together for a cheaper iPhone at decent margins they’ll take over the market. Specs even at low end are already more than enough to power a phone with great user experience.

    If you don’t understand this. I suggest you invest in another company because you just don’t get it.

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