Apple shares fall to lowest close since January 2012

“Apple Inc (AAPL) shares on Friday fell to their lowest closing level in more than 13 months, ending the day down by almost $11 a share, or 2.5%, at $430.47,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“It was Apple’s lowest close since Jan. 24, 2012,” Crum reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: TGIF. Tap the keg!

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    1. This has to do with the analyst consensus that apple is not playing their game. Steve wouldn’t help. They are just feeding off each other. Things will change. Apple will once again innovate another major market.

      1. @ the other Mike:

        So if Apple never played the analyst’s game, how did Apple shares run up so well when Steve was running the show?

        What assurances do you have that Cook with start innovating again, when all we’ve seen from Cook has paled in comparison to prior Apple innovation?

        1. Hang on all I remember after every launch was analysts telling us how UN innovative each product was, how it offered nothing new and was too damn expensive and clearly won be anything but a niche product and even fan boys telling us on here how they had expected so much more.

          1. There will always be people like Ballmer who took one look at the iPhone and declared it an overpriced toy. He didn’t understeaand the ecosystem value.

            How has Cook enhanced the the iOS value proposition? He hasn’t, really. 3rd party developers continue to enrich the experience.

            How has Cook enhanced the Mac OS value? Not one iota.

            How about hardware? Well, we all know where I stand on that one. I expect regular updates of all products, and I expect retail availability when you say they are on sale. As a customer and investor, Cook simply has hit far too many singles. I am realistic enough to know that every at-bat won’t be a home run, but at Cook’s pay rate, he needs to stop bunting and swing for the damn ball!!!

            1. Baseball metaphors are fine, but they have more power of persuasion when they are soaked in recent events, not some vague Casey-at-the-bat flavor. The home run craze is over, a victim of steroid scandals. Achievement and excitement in the game have reverted to the formula that once labeled the game America’s pastime, once played in any sand lot or pasture by young people: situational hitting, jacking up the pitch count, stealing bases, deking the infielders, squeeze plays, bunts, double plays, and RBI bunts and game-winning singles. Score board. Samsung may be coming on like Philly in 2012 but San Francisco creamed them. Without Barry Bonds.

      1. Consider MARK HURD of Oracle to be the next APPLE CEO. You can only trust a person that much, we need better performance just
        like ordinary employee. You may land a good position with an Ivy
        League diploma, but still performance is what counts.

    2. “D: Wall Street Journal reporters get up in the morning, sell Apple short and then go write stories about us. It’s a perception vs reality problem […] They don’t know we’re building icebergs from the bottom up.

      SJ: […] the press and stock market will take care of themselves by the end of this year. When you get up in the morning and the press is selling Apple short go and buy some shares”

      That’s Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997!

      Everyone should take a few minutes and watch that video (again), it’s very enlightening.

      1. He’s dead. Move on. Abraham Lincoln is dead too. Same goes for Thomas Edison and NikolaTesla. And even the great Stan the man Musial. So quit living in the past. The past is the past. It has passed. This is 2013. Not 1997.

        1. The only people living in the past are sitting at Wall Street Journal other press as well as stock marketbears.

          They never learnt how Apple works and are still repeating themselves even after 16 years.

          1. The Wall Street Journal is not responsible for building new iMacs and delivering them. The Wall Street Journal is not responsible for the lack of a larger iPhone and a more affordable iPhone for the emerging markets. The Wall Street Journal is not responsible for the rise of the Android phones. Maybe, just maybe the Wall Street Journal is working on the Apple I TV? The Wall Street Journal is not getting bitch slapped in front of the world in television commercials. Get your head out of your ass and wake up. Quit blaming everyone else for Apple’s shortcomings in some areas. Oh wait, these areas are the ones that really count. And before you start singing the praises of the iPhone five, it isn’t selling like you think it is! Why do you think Apple stock dropped the day of the iPhone five announcement? It’s because consumers want more. The consumers have no obligation to buy from any one company. I’m a Mac guy. Haven’t used anything else for decades. Make my living with them. I’m not just surfing the net and checking my email! So I’m not about to switch to an Android or Microsoft phone. But many people will. And have. It’s not about what have you done for me lately it’s what are you doing for me today and tomorrow. The stock market and intelligent investors are investing in the future, not on a company’s past. You don’t rest on your laurels. Apple is now playing catch up with phones. And it’s as simple as that

  1. Presumably, Wall St wants someone other than TC in charge so they can tell Apple what to do and in the process, ruin it. Tell them to go……

    1. Who? Who is that you’re talking about? Wall Street? Exactly whom and why? The whom is going to tell Apple “what to do” so the whom can ruin Apple? How? Why? What a load of shit! You do understand that what you said makes no fucking sense? Even to fanboys. Jeez! Idiot. Go finish your comic book.

    1. No. Sell at $700 was what the memo said. Unfortunately too many people had their stupid/greedy glasses on when they read it. Oooops! Time for an eye exam. And a new pair of common sense/logical glasses. It’s those non-rose-colored glasses.

      1. An actual idea, so fresh in a sea of hand-wringing candy-ass investors! A splendid metaphor, and so timely as Google introduces Glass.

        Wear Google Glass and keep the stock ticker apps running with buy/sell threshold flags tailored to your analytics provider(s) of choice. No more need for panic attacks, dog-kicking, or sniveling when you overshoot a developing trend due to inattention! I wonder how many day traders ordered those babies from Google.

        Metaphor reformulated as logic. Genius, and a brilliant illustration of the winning ways of the Google Geeks, contrasted with the tired conservatism of Uncle Tim and the preciousness of Sir Jonathan.

        Every man his own oracle! Not, uh, for some of us, unfortunately. As Dorothy Parker famously observed, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

  2. Dear big investors of AAPL, tonight Apple is hitting its 52 weeks low , I am already very scared and frustrated that I decide to surrender all of my AAPL I bought at $680 . I don’t want to see AAPL to fall to $300 . I give up !!
    I learnt a lesson that stock market is just a fraud .

    1. Raymond,
      Troll or just totally in-experienced and unable to use the web for information????

      Do you think Apple shares can go to zero while the company is still making more money than small countries???

      The market is not a fraud, its a corrupt organization that does not police itself. If you are not up for the game, don’t play.

      1. If more companies went private, a lot of gamblers would whine. Not to mention the hedge fund managers and all those analysts they subsidized under the counter.

    2. I bought around $680 also, and have lost over $12K. (Don’t want to look today.). I don’t hit the booze. I always say I don’t need to impair my judgement than it already is. (Just dug into my favorite chocolate almond frozen yogurt.). So I’m going to hang in there until this madness ends for the number-one rated best company.

    3. “I give up” is the worst possible reason to sell a stock. Stock market pricing is pretty much a reverse of the average person’s emotions. Look, Apple is kicking ass but the players in the investment world have the power to inflate or deflate a stock. They always want to deflate AAPL because they know the products are in high demand so the SP always recovers.They’re buying at just the time average people say “I give up.” The only thing that staves them off are announcements of fantastic products and blowout earnings. They want you to think Apple will be reporting weaker numbers and are out of ideas, but I don’t agree. If you do, then sell, but don’t just say “I give up.”

      1. None. He doesn’t buy stock in companies he doesn’t understand. And neither should anyone else on this board. Really getting sick of the whiners here. You can’t beat Wall Street at their own game. You can only go with company fundamentals. The reality that the whiners are overlooking is that Apple’s fundamentals are very strong.

  3. It’s called catching a falling knife.

    If anyone does not understand why AAPL is falling, they need to understand what is going on globally, not just in Cupertino.

      1. no t really. you have no idea how US economy will be fallen. today Obama announced mandatory spending cut. it will affect on every sector of industry. apple is not exceptional. it will fall even further. I guess that APPL will be below $400 soon.

        1. the real reason why the stock keeps falling might be the more or less successful attempts to grow the non-US business in a meaningful way. China is OK, but Europe as a whole is so-so, IIRC.
          That, of course, has to do with the state of the economy in large parts of Europe. 30% unemployment rate doesn’t meant the rest of 70% are potential Apple customers…

  4. It’s more than clearly obvious that stock manipulation is going on.

    How can a company that is voted the world’s most admired by ** Fortune Magazine ** one day, drop in the value the other and carrying a ridiculously low P/E that reflects almost no future growth? It’s nuts.

    Apple has many enemies – when you’re at the top everyone else wants to bring you down – but it’s obvious that some of those are playing a very dirty game at the cost of honest shareholders, perhaps under the assumption that much of the admiration comes from Apple’s stock value, so by dropping it so does the rest.

    I don’t think that’s true – Apple is admired for many reasons other than stock price – but when you’re a desperate money man without creativity I guess that’s the only theory that makes sense.

    How much does it cost to short a stock to this level? Probably not a lot, certainly less than Samsung’s marketing budget, or maybe even Microsoft’s, or Google’s or Amazon’s.

    But fear not, like the manipulative fat liars (Mike Daisey) and corrupt UK judges, these people can’t hide for much longer.

  5. Goodness gracious me the sky is falling! Sit back and enjoy the ride you parasites of Wall Street as Apple Inc. weaves its magic yet again in 2013. Looking forward to seeing what tech wizardry is in the offing for all of us to enjoy. Bring it On!

  6. Who cares?
    Apple should give back the money to the shareholders… and leave this silly stock logic.
    Apple should just go on making terribly good products and sell them, free of that bunch of ignorant money makers.

  7. After using Android for a day I’ve just put in a buy a order for Apple shares.

    That is a truly shit system, anyone who claims otherwise must be out or their minds. “Customisation” gets thrown around a lot, but is so complicated to do it’s best left for people whose lives revolve around tweaking their phones. Apps are crap. The phones crash. Battery life is a joke.

    Once Apple gets all the pieces together for a cheaper iPhone at decent margins they’ll take over the market. Specs even at low end are already more than enough to power a phone with great user experience.

    If you don’t understand this. I suggest you invest in another company because you just don’t get it.

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