5th-gen iPad case leak hints at a major redesign

“Doubtlessly, [Apple’s iPad mini is] beautiful to hold and use, and for the last few months, it has been reported that the full-sized iPad may be treated to similar design traits,” Ben Reid reports for Redmond Pie.

“Following on from the supposed Retina iPad mini case leaks, the first cases of a redesigned iPad 5 have leaked via case maker MiniSuit, which seem to further substantiate the notion of the iPad mini and regular iPad adopting a uniform look moving forward,” Reid reports. “The leaked iPad 5 case is slimmer than that of the iPad 4, and thus as well as looking as though it would house a design reflective of the iPad mini.”

Reid reports, “The sources at MiniSuit believes the redesigned iPad 5 will drop in June. If true, we’ll almost certainly see an announcement at this year’s WWDC, but conflicting reports have pointed to a release date of around October.”

Read more – and see the photos of the cases – in the full article here.


  1. It’s very odd that the iPad would adapt a similar design form as the iPad mini as the mini is rather a step backward from the sleek form factor of the iPad… a necessity due to size constraints in reducing internal components.

    With improvements in reducing internal components, one would think it would be the other way around… the mini adapting the form of the full size iPad.

    1. Really? I wouldn’t worry about the back, but the narrower sides are coming…. My iPad looks downright clunky next to the slimmer sides on my iPad mini… And I have zero problems with the slimmer sides. Well done again, Apple!

  2. It better have USB3. I just loaded a 4G 64GB touch with about 40GB of stuff last night. Silly how long it takes. Also, just synching to add one thing to an iPad/iPod is starting to take a silly amount of time. Sometimes I just want to do this one thing, not sync EVERYTHING, including ‘Safari safe-browsing’ stuff. They need to start worrying more about software.

  3. The larger iPad’s wider bezel gives you a place to hold it in portrait (an orientation that only iPad’s aspect ratio allows comfortably). I think I read where iOS can account for unintended gestures so maybe they can do away with the bezel without complications. I think that they would have to find a software solution if they eliminate the bezels along the long edges.

  4. That’s simply wrong. The aspect ratio looks like a Windows 8 (16×9) or Android (16×10) tablet. Apple is not going to stray away from 4×3 for its tablets. You can argue which is best but you can bet Apple is not changing for iPad any time soon. Just not going to happen.

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