Sony’s PlayStation 4 ignores Post-PC era at its own peril

Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider, “Yesterday’s Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement sounded like a condensed version of Apple’s keynotes from the last decade: a deemphasis of optical media in favor of digital downloads (beginning for Apple in iTunes Store 2002 and culminating in the Mac App Store in 2010, enhanced with iCloud access announced in 2011), hardware moving from the PowerPC architecture to an x86 processor (as Macs did in 2006), gesture based input (imported to the Mac from iOS in 2009), a Suspend/Resume/AutoSave architecture (unveiled for OS X 10.7 Lion in 2010), and social integration (like Apple’s Game Center and Facebook ties outlined in 2012).”

“Notably missing from Sony’s event was significant recognition of the ‘Post PC’ era that Apple has focused its attention on, beginning with the iPad’s unveiling by Steve Jobs three years ago in early 2010,” Dilger writes. “Sony already knows this Post PC shift has had a major impact on portable gaming, having felt the impact on its PlayStation Portable and its follow up, the PlayStation Vita, first hand. But it didn’t give any hint in its presentation that it recognizes Apple’s potential to deliver a new assault on living room gaming with its iOS mobile devices (as opposed to another centralized gaming console appliance), even while portraying its own efforts to expand in the “smart TV” market with a graphic that appeared inspired by Apple TV.”

Dilger writes, “Instead, Sony seemed comfortably rooted in the PC era, effectively almost ignoring Apple’s iOS App Store platform, recently highlighted as having the potential to ‘kill PlayStation, Wii U and Xbox’ by a founder of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming efforts. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: The last time Sony had a clue, you could still buy an $8 hot dog atop the World Trade Center.

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      1. get what? there is still a huge market for games like this. I played the mass effect trilogy on my x-box and its one of the best games ever.

        one of the three console makers will probably die off this generation if not 2/3 but there is still a market for games with high production values.

        personally i think the new x-box has the best chance of survival

        1. The entire game does not have to be on your phone at one time. Only the section that you are playing needs to be on it and the next section can be downloading in the background. Just because you don’t know how it can be done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

            1. Strange then that Sony seems to be making such a commitment to just such a scheme, not that I expect that they have much of an idea either. Must admit I have never seen an Xbox or a Playstation on the Tube mind, out of a box anyway, but look forward to seeing how that works. In the meantime have to say Strange comparison that.

              Fact is that the dedicated game consoles are a dead end and are declining in recognition of that as even the X-Box founder recognises to his credit, they need a massive market to earn money but they are now in a declining one. Like horse and carts they wont die immediately just increasingly become a museum piece.

            2. sony is going to stream the game and download via your home internet access. the kind where you can use 300GB a month with no cap

              i don’t have any games for my PS3, but the average size is 30GB. even if you only have a level or two on a 16GB iphone how many games can you have on there at once? barely 1?

            3. That’s a down right lie, get your facts correct before you post 1234, stop with the lies.

              It has been proven that the compressed information is not only smaller but much much smaller and it is only with older games you may want to try. Instant on.

              Fools like you that make up shit should be flogged, watch the Sony video and do some research before both you legs
              and your ass gets eaten up by your lies.

              A rage size of a full game is less the 4.8 gigs, only the cinematic games can hit to 12 gigs , stop with the lies.

              Facts are you are a Microsoft Xbox Fanboy that has been posting lies since the announce new system, your running scared chump but don’t lie, let the consoles speak for the selfs when they are released, we don’t need a fanboy and his lies to add to the sorry excuse for information of lies propaganda.

          1. You don’t know much about gaming by that statement. WiFi simply isn’t fast enough or reliable enough to be an instant-download gaming experience. So you’re playing an online multi-player game, but 3 of the 7 players can’t proceed to the next “section” because their downloads haven’t finished yet?

            Eventually all of this will be in the cloud, but gamers aren’t going to stand for spinning beach balls or slow progress bars while playing with their buddies online.

            Sony is on the right track here. Apple is cornering the market on casual gaming, taking it away from Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft are going to battle it out for the hard core gamers for the next few years.

            1. You are right. WiFi can’t ever possibly stream data to a device ahead of a player even when the device has at least two levels loaded already and the entire game engine. This scheme can’t possibly have stored the entire game engine and a couple levels to play while keeping the app foot print small. It has no chance of working because you said so. Technology of the future is limited to what you can image today. Progress is impossible.

        2. The XBox is the on that’s more likely going to die, they refuse to pay for Blu-ray tech, the Microsoft XBox has lost millions in repaired red ring systems and as Micrsoft is so use to coining living in the past and hoping it will,get them by.

          Of course this bone head wanted to mention Apple with Sony even though it has nothing to do with Apple, now the problem is that only the fanboys of Mirosoft says the Xbox has a chance, all the other leaders in the Game industry and Tech believe that Sony has got it together and with the instant streaming of any game ever made and the addition to. Disc based system Witt he option to download and all the entertainment packages in addition to what it offers now.

          Sony will win the game console war, and to place a stop to all this bull about failure, Sony as of last month Overtook Microsoft sales of the Xbox and has left Microsoft behind in the dust.

          Reassured, Sony will not wait a year this time and Mircosoft will still have a five disc switch due to the ignorance and inability to admit that the Blu-Ray Tech is better as a storage medium then a compressed cd with tighter burn array, it’s failed already.

          Look it up and do your own research and you will see for yourself 1234 is more like 4321 dud.

          Why do you pay 59.00 a year to Microsoft for live when it is free for PS3 users, Netflix cost you more then twice since you are goatee into paying extortion money to a piss poor has been company named Microsoft.

      2. Even though in this instance your comment is on point (if not overly dismissive and blunt), it is still hilarious that you of all people are accusing someone of ‘not getting it’. Thanks for giving me my biggest laugh of the day.

    1. lots of console games are crap, but lots of good ones too.

      teens and older people love call of duty, especially the online part where you can play against millions of people. the mass effect trilogy had a good story line, you could play and import the same character from ME1 to ME3 and decisions made in ME1 and 2 also carried and imported into ME3 and had some effect on the game.

      lots of good iOS games but the production values aren’t as good and most of them like temple run are just stupid time killers while on the train to work or waiting at the doctor

    2. Because the best video game experience is on a console hands down. Like many things on iOS (music and video for example), we compromise best quality for the cool/convenient factor you get from an iPad. There is a place for dedicated consoles for years to come.

  1. What your not getting, is that if apple plans to use its Apple TV as a gaming console, it will be able to exceed this types of games, and iphone, iPod, and ipad could be the controller. Plus whose to say they can’t put a processor that will handle that type of content. Remember the processor that are current in Xbox is not much better than what’s in iphone 5. The only thing they have to do is better graphics card.

    1. I don’t see an Apple TV surpassing the next gen consoles unless Apple plans to beef a new aTV up to next gen console specs.

      If the plan is to beef up the aTV to match the 360’s capabilities then they have already lost since the 360 is about to be the old generation of console.

      Naturally sony wants to tie software to their own hardware and I believe they recognize that portable gaming has taken off since they announced the ability to load a game up on the PS Vita from the PS4.

      Sony already has an online store for the playstation, as does Nintendo with the Nintendo e-shop.

      I’m already on a Wii U and what I’m noticing is that a lot of indy games and other titles are showing up for online purchase that offer great value and are cheap in price.

      I think we’ll see the console market shift to a place where most software is purchased online with the exception of some of the big AAA titles that you’ll want to buy on disc due to the fact they will be several hundred gigabytes in size.

      Great time to be a gamer! so many awesome choices out there! I love it all!

  2. I dunno guys. Sony is continuing it’s core gaming role. I think it’s totally ok to further something amazing, upgrade it, even if you are not completely redfining it.
    The game platform that XBox, PS and Nintendo provided is and was massive and sure things are changing, but for a big blockbuster game like Halo or Call of Duty, nothing else will do.

  3. Ok, post-PC (kind of hate the term), is for real. But Apple isn’t dropping it’s “PC” line. Well, maybe they are since they won’t update iWork, ha ha. But come on. To edit a movie together or produce top notch print material, and iMac is amazing. They are not just going to declare that MacBooks and iMacs are dead because maybe someday you will be able to edit a video with Apple TV.
    Sure iPads and, maybe Apple TV, kickass at games and are eating up market share. But why shouldn’t Sony release a kick ass gaming console? I mean it’s likely the best, most powerful and coolest game console ever.
    This is niche state-of-the-art stuff!
    I want the latest PS and XBox to just plain rock. Blow the old tech out of the water. It should (it must) because now casual gamers are likely Angry-Birdsing it up.
    How awesome will the next Halo or whatever be?

  4. Before everyone buries Sony, let’s remember that Sony just announced that its PS4 will be on sale for “Holiday 2013”, and it also failed to announce many details about the hardware.

    If Sony creates a 4K gaming system, it could instantly build demand for 4K TVs, 4K Blu-Ray discs (or whatever would be needed to hold the content), and define a new, profitable market for itself. Don’t forget that Sony controls a lot of movie and other media content, and it could easily flood the market with 4K content which would play on the PS4.

      1. no, the UK sky spy can’t afford it.

        It is total hypocrisy to live in a >350 m^2 house, drive a mammoth automobile, and so forth — and then at the same time attempt to claim that powerful computing devices are passe’.

        portables have their place, but for serious work — or serious gaming — there will always be the need for a powerful machine. Those who think Sony doesn’t have a clue obviously have a dull axe to grind. Personally, I think a stronger partnership between Sony and Apple would be beneficial for both.

  5. What? You will be able to remote play your PS4 on your god damn iPhone ala the Wii U. How freakin neat is that? They are emphasizing online content. You can download games and as soon as the first few bits are done you can start playing it while it downloads. The reason for the drive is people have Blu-Rays still and if you are in east siberia with a crap internet connection wouldn’t you want the disc version? This person has no idea what he is talking about.

  6. Pretty uninformed article! If they checked the press releases, sony is planning a connectivity app for iOS and Android (similar to SmartGlass by Microsoft). Streaming was a huge deal too, including some features not on iOS like playing a demo instantly and streaming powerhouse future PS4 titles on their Vita handheld (similar to WiiU). Instant streaming full games (OnLive). 3d motion gaming (Kinect). Also many low priced gaming options, free to play and under $5 will continue as you see now in the Sony ecosystem. It’s pretty much trying to answer every trend in the last 5 years!!!

  7. After the asteroid impact, the dinosaurs that were left started migrating as fast as they could to new pastures, but the farther away they were, the less vegetation and water they found.

    The larger dinosaurs perished first as they needed the largest water and food supplies.

    Then the final insult appeared with the cooling weather & it spelled the end for the mega-critters.

    When the word asteroid is replaced by iOS & dinosaurs are replaced by PCs, you are left with a landscape where the food chain for games is reduced by the rise of “little critter” Pads-Tablets as the fast moving mini-fauna arrive where the food required ($) to keep the game developers alive is suddenly in new fields where people reside today and not before the Jan. 2007 impact.

  8. ok, i take it back
    the verge is now saying Sony is looking at a $599 price tag at release

    $599, no backward compatibility, no way to play even the digital purchases. no deal for a lot people

    1. Watch Sony’s keynote on the PS4. They addressed backward compatibility and digital purchases. Seemed like a positive on both fronts. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this new system.

      THIS product is what Apple is competing with in the gaming front of the living room in the future. A Pippen won’t do it this time.

    2. System is set for a $350.00 price mark, that’s with the 500gig hard drive the new PS4 dual shock 4 controller and touch panel with a 4k 3D Blu-Ray player.

      $ 350.00

      The Verge is and has always been a Sony Hate site, they hate PS3 and anything Sony comes out with, so it’s understandable that a far fetched price like that would come out from them, the cost hasn’t even been disclosed but the prez of Sony said cost would be close to the consoles now on market.

      Next time post a link, I searched and couldn’t find anything that’s said 500.00 for the PS4.

      Looks like a lie again.

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