Apple supplier LG Display invests $656.7 million to make OLED screens

“LG Display Co. will invest more than $600 million to build a new production line that will mass produce thinner and more energy efficient displays for televisions in its attempt to gain an edge against rival Samsung Electronics Co.,” Min-Jeong Lee reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The world’s largest flat-screen maker, which counts Apple Inc. and LG Electronics Inc. as clients, said in a filing the new line will produce large organic light emitting diode, or OLED, panels at an existing plant in Paju, a city north of Seoul,” Lee reports. “LG Display said it will invest 706 billion won ($656.7 million) until June 30 next year to install the production line and begin mass production by then.”

Lee reports, “LG’s production line for OLED panels will have a capacity to process 26,000 motherglass sheets a month that are big enough to make six 55-inch screens per sheet, according to the company… LG Electronics, which holds a 38% stake in LG Display, beat Samsung in launching a 55-inch OLED TV in January. The TVs were introduced with a price tag of more than $10,000, two or three times the price of equivalent size LCD TVs.”

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  1. A year to set up a production line like this. That’s why it takes Apple a long time to add / switch component vendors. Unclear when Apple will start using OLED. The Macs use LED-backlit display with IPS technology and the iPhone uses TFT capacitive screen (iP4).

          1. It has never made sense for Apple to make TVs. It makes more sense to make deals with content providers and a package of great software and hardware to allow that content on our existing screens without concern for the time that we want to consume it.

      1. Don’t be confused in thinking that current OLED characteristics define what Apple may use in the future. Current ones don’t cut the mustard, later developed panels probably will.

        We’ve come a long way from old TFT LED displays to current, much higher quality IPS display tech. OLED now isn’t what it will be later one.

  2. OLED is a promising technology, and samsung appears to be unable (or unwilling) to solve the display quality problems which place it (currently) significantly below that of LCD’s.

    They (samsung) seem to have a bit of the MS/dell syndrome, they would rather just keep pushing out second rate displays that are “good enough” pumping the market for won, rather than innovate (ie work) the technology and actually make a great one.

    Perhaps Apple/LG will actually make this a superior technology (visually) as it has many manufacturing & operating advantages.

    1. Of course Samsung will milk the current display tech for as much as it can. Technology only gets commercial acceptance when there is a clear way to make money and when it does the tech is used for as long as possible.
      It will be interesting who gets the lead of OLED if it becomes a mainstream tech.

      1. Well yeas and no. All compannys (more or less) sell what they have however, there is a fundamental difference in companies that are complacent and won’t rock the boat without threat of loss (direct competition) and companies who’s zeal to innovate often antiquates their own existing products. It is fundamental and companies can transition from one form to the other.

        Take MS, PC stagnated for a decade or more and without Apple upsetting the… (ahem)… apple cart we would likely have current “state of the art” being a big beige box with a 12GHZ Pentum4 consuming 450W running XP SP-57.7.
        Do you think samsungs current OLED’s really looks much better than the one that debuted in the the ZuneHD years ago?
        I don’t.

      1. Probably because they’re lower spec panels, rejected by Apple for poor colour rendition, or too many dead pixels.
        Apple demands the best, everyone else gets sloppy seconds.

      2. You don’t understand much about display panels, or dell’s pricing for that matter.
        First off panels are graded (like CPU’s) after manufacture, the lessor ones (on a number of specs) are available at a discount, while the top are sold at a premium. Apple buys the top spec’d panels dell does not.
        Second if you want the premium 27″ lcd backlit dell display (not the one with the constricted gamut) it will cost you $999

        Apple’s 27″ (with a better panel and a solid aluminum (rather than plastic) case) also costs $999

  3. But note that it is far from clear that Apple will be using these OLED screens. LG and Samsung are in a furious battle to win over the first round of early adopters to consumer OLED TV sets in South Korea, with LG gaining an early lead, although Samsung had a huge presence as well at the Consumer Electronics Show. Right now, these 55″ sets are priced around US$10K and not likely to drop much in price in the near future.

  4. I had a dream last night about the next version of OS X being Lynx, debuted with a solid clear glass iWatch, solid clearglass iTV, and solid clear glass iPhone, all ringed with Liquidmetal, all talking to eachother and linked together… It was awesome.

    1. “all ringed with liquidmetal”
      Are you making the presumption that the aforementioned products are circular in shape and can therefor be linked like a chain-link bracelet?
      Are all living rooms going to have a roman column in which to install your breathe taking idea?
      Or is the iTV & iPhone going to be shrunk to the size of a wristwatch?
      Did you mean beveled with liquid ink as opposed to ringed with liquid ink?

      Why! Oh why must the English language be so difficult???

        1. Ha! ha! haaa!!
          English IS a very difficult language!!!
          Okay, now that you have clarified your thought and assuming that you have taken into account that pure glass is very brittle so that it will have to combined with something else to toughen it up to Gorilla glass standard and then laminated onto a substrate that will support the liquid ink, liquid crystal or invisible pixels that only turn opaque with an electrical input. That you have also taken into account where the circuit comprising of a multi purpose processor i.e A-1 or -2 to signify a shrunken processor compared to ones found in an iPhone that will be housed in the liquid metal bevel and of course a power supply that will be capable of driving an infra red beam to communicate with external peripherals without increasing the weight or size of a standard watch, then YOU ARE TALKING MY LANGUAGE!!!

          1. I can’t believe I am the first to point out that IT WAS A DREAM. Dreamers are not obligated to furnish logical designs for their nocturnal sojourns, nor are they especially renowned for a Tesla-like lucidity of imagination for marketable products or grand showman-like presentations.

            Dreams, even technological ones, are closer to poetry, the upwelling of deeply felt associations and emotional time stamps, closer to Freud or Jung than to Hawking or Turing. There is NO LOGIC involved.

            Fun to watch you try to make it more than that, though.

            1. Hi hannahjs! You got it in one!!! With MDN AWOL I thought to create the perfect storm in a teacup to stir people up into posting or at least reacting.
              It worked for a while though & good fun it was to see the fish biting!
              Your posts as ever are a jolly good read! and well thought out, that is why you have an admirer in me!!!

      1. Why! Oh why must the English language be so difficult???

        Hey! Cut yourself some slack, will ya? You’re not doing too badly.

        It’s kind of endearing watching you struggle with the English language. We Americans can appreciate your effort to learn our language, but let’s be clear, your trouble isn’t with understanding English, because your comprehension seems spot on.

        I think where you’re going wrong is in your delivery. You’re acting like a pompous asshole who thinks they know everything and we know nothing could be further from the truth, ’cause any one who asks as many questions as you do about how to use Apple products isn’t even human.

  5. What if you could control your TV from your watch. Change channels by saying go to the SU game, or what food shows are on right now? Imagine a bluetooth headphone from your watch to listen to TV late at night while your wife sleeps peacefully next to you.

    1. Who goes to bed wearing a watch?
      Who sleeps with headphones on?
      How much easier is it to operate a watch compared to a remote control?
      How many people in the house would need to have a watch to control your TV if you are not at home?
      What if all those people wanted to watch something different at the same time, who’s watch would be the master controller?
      How much would said watch cost?
      Questions! questions! Aye caramba!!!! If only I thought my ideas through thoroughly before posting them!

      1. Most of that is just silly.
        Lots of people sleep with watches on (particularly those who don’t keep a clock by their bed)
        I think the main reason people don’t wear headphones in bed is because the current crop are not comfortable to lay on, if that changed…?
        He said you “could” control the TV from your watch not that it was the ONLY control for the TV.
        “What if different people wanted to watch different things?” Isn’t that the same now if you have multiple multi function remotes (we have several remotes that will control the TV)

        I am not saying that like (or dislike) any of kenplain’s ideas but, the question is why would you make up nonsensical arguments simply to naysay someone else’s post?

      2. Seems to me you have no sense of reality. All those stumbling blocks you threw out are a perfect reason why you should take up beer drinking and leave innovative technology to thos of us who actually can invasion good stuff. But for the sack of your stupidity I will respond. I have gone to bed many nights with my headphones in listening to music. I have worn a watch to bed all the time when I used to wear watches. Just because the watch would control all those things and probably many many more does not mean that the traditional remote would go away. Use your head fore something innovative instead of being a negative nelly.

        1. @ Tessellator & Ken, If the two of you (and) including any others who go to bed with their watches on, then you have signified what slaves you are to technology. Moreover to actually sleep with headphones on assuming that you have not switched off the sound source reflects how well & truly indoctrinated you are! and I dare not imagine what it must be like to sleep side ways with your ear on a pillow if you use one! So, you sleep on your back so you are single because the snoring you produce must be uncomfortable to live with, (you cannot hear yourself snore because of active earphones) and if you sleep on your stomach you must wake up to a wet bed or pillow from your overnight drooling! (god help your partner!). What lug holes you must have?!!! You would be the envy of the bat eared fox world! And finally before I leave you to invasion yourselves good stuff (the mind boggles) I will go away to use my head properly & innovatively by eating! (gosh! you can do that with your head?) and yes I do take advice, I will use my forehead to exactly as a forehead is meant to be used, at the fore of my head. Now where is Nelly I wonder? I’ve got something to tell her!

          1. Oh, now that’s the way to pen a retort; rambling nonsense and this time pepper it with unrelated personal insults.

            Again I ask, why bother posting any of this nonsense? You can’t really believe any one looks at that that rant and thinks, Oh I see crabapple’s point, can you?

            1. Actually I do Tesselator. Using your previous statement that:- (Lots of people sleep with watches on (particularly those who don’t keep a clock by their bed) “I now declare that lots of people will read what I have written and agree with me”.
              You then went on to add:- (I think the main reason people don’t wear headphones in bed is because the current crop are not comfortable to lay on, if that changed…?) You think? why didn’t you take a straw poll before penning down your thoughts? That rambling nonsense as you put it is a direct result of your callous posting.
              I suppose the next thing you will be saying is that time is real that is why you cannot detach yourself from reality by not wearing a watch in bed!
              You ought to read 1984 by George Orwell. In that book, they knew how to use headphones, wait, perhaps you were one of the babies in that book? If that is how you were brought up, I apologize unreservedly for the above and previous statements I have made about you.

      3. Questions! questions! Aye caramba!!!! If only I thought my ideas through thoroughly before posting them!

        We couldn’t agree more with you. At least you’re being honest about your ignorance. Most people around here feign their knowledge of Apple products but not you, you jump right out there and admit you know nothing.

        Keep asking the tough questions, Crabble but don’t expect any answers because no one is listening.

  6. “Today is Washington’s Birthday in the U.S.A., a federal holiday and, as such, the U.S. markets are closed for the day. We will resume our normal posting schedule tomorrow.”

    What does the closing of the US Stock Markets have to do with MAC DAILY NEWS coverage? There is an entire world out there that does not observe this holiday. Although I can respect that MDN staff may take the day off, I don’t think it is relevant to Mac news that them US Stock Markets are closed. Manufacturing plants are all located in the orient and they are news stories to be published.

    1. CORRECTION: Washington’s Birthday is on February 22nd…today is Presidents Day, a hybrid national holiday celebrating Washington’s and Lincoln’s (February 12th) birthdays. I remember when I would get two days off, now only one…:(

        1. Yep…in the State of California, both Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthdays were celebrated before the “observed” Washington’s Birthday was moved to the third Monday in February. That also removed the somewhat awkward situation with some of the former Confederate States who refused to observe Lincoln’s Birthday…

        2. To beg the question does not mean what you think it means. Given that you overlooked that small detail it raises the question as to whether you should sweat the misdirected correction.

          1. “To beg the question does not mean what you think it means.”

            No one really cares, except for the person who told you you were using it wrong, so we have them to thank for that.

            Your observation doesn’t change the fact that Tompmri overlooked the quotes.

    2. More to task is that today is _Presidents’ Day_. Washington’s birthday was, is, and evermore shall be February 22nd. Once upon a wonderful time, we got Lincoln’s Birthday, the 12th, and Washington’s Birthday, the 22nd, as holidays. I guess having two holidays in the month of February was too much for many employers, and Presidents’ Day was created, yet another monday holiday, to commemorate all presidents, not just the seminal Washington and Lincoln. Don’t lose sight of these men, though.

      1. As often is the case, someone jumps to a phrase they want to take issue with and don’t read the entire post. My issue is NOT with President’s Day but with the fact that MDN ties their lack of posts to THE US STOCK MARKETS BEING CLOSED as well as the holiday. They could have just said that they wanted to take the day off in recognition of the holiday.

  7. LG, formerly known as GoldStar, another Korean company flooding the world with cheap plastic televisions and tractors since 1958.

    GoldStar was bought out by Fiat of Italy who were after GoldStar’s tractor business. Once the deal was sealed the name GoldStar was dropped in favor of LG Electronics.

    LG is still making tractors that are sold under the Fiat brand and now they’re going to begin manufacturing display panels?

    If they look as good as their tractors, they might sell a few.

  8. WTF has the stock market holiday got to do with MDN, after all the stock market is rubbish that keeps kicking Apple to the ground unfairly, so why is MDN going on holiday with these number crunching bastids 🙁

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