“While we’re all waiting to find out if and what Apple’s 100 person team is up to, it is worth opening the aperture on the full range of what an iWatch could be,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“Tom Bradley in PCWorld discusses Three ways to imagine an Apple ‘iWatch’: a standalone iWatch, an extension of an iPhone or a replacement for the iPhone. The first is really what Pebble is doing, the success of which will hinge a lot on the app ecosystem it is able to foster. I don’t, however, see Apple settling for that (small) level of disruption,” Kosner writes. “”

Kosner writes, “The second is really what I was writing about in my previous post, and I still think that something that consumed data in a s super light-weight way could be a really big product—but not necessarily for Apple. The third possibility — that an iWatch could both work with and in some ways replace an iPhone — is really what Simeonov [Bulgarian web designer and iOS developer] has imagined here.”

iWatch design concept by Pavel Simeonov

iWatch design concept by Pavel Simeonov

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