Apple’s iPhone sales in India rise four-fold in 3 months

“Apple, which has for long ignored India, appears to be vying for the attention of the affluent Indian smartphone buyer who has been cultivated assiduously by rival Samsung for many years,” Akanksha Prasad and Indu Nandakumar report for The Economic Times.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple wasn’t ignoring India, they were studying India.

“It is in the middle of an extensive advertising and marketing campaign for its iPhone, pivoting away from a strategy that relied on tie-ups with mobile operators,” Prasad and Nandakumar report. “This, analysts said, could be the beginning of a sustained effort by Apple, which also makes the iPad tablet, to compete in the top end of the smartphone market. ‘Apple is doing what it did in China three or four years ago. They studied the market, learned consumer needs and suddenly went aggressive,’ said Jayanth Kolla, founder & partner at Convergence Catalyst, a telecom research firm. ‘From having about 30 people here six months ago, Apple India is now about 150-people strong.'”

Prasad and Nandakumar report, “Market researcher IDC estimates that over the past three months, sales of Apple devices, especially iPhones, have gone up by 3-4 times. Part of the success has to do with opting for an open distribution model, signing up with distributors Redington and Ingram Micro… ‘Apple understands that instalments-based payment is an effective tool for bridging the gap between value and affordability. We started the EMI [Equated Monthly Installment or amortization] scheme with Apple early this year and witnessed a three-fold increase in sales,’ said Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO of TheMobileStore, a national retail chain that operates 1,000 outlets in 150 cities.”

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    1. uh… Ray… hello… Ray?

      except for the U.S. Apple has a market to grow into… Sure Samsung has the market share… but they flooded the market… China and India markets are huge… Apple doesnt need to grab all that market share… just profits…

  1. So, Apple doesn’t have a CHEAP almost FREE iPhone and they can sell them in India and 3rd world countries. If only Apple had about $137 billion or more in the bank they could finance them for people and they could get a cheaper cell user rate with the cell phone companies. So, what is the rate the the people are paying Apple? Not even talked about. Maybe it is 5% to 9% on dead money in the bank that was earning 0% to 2% interest.

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