Jim Cramer: Apple should buy Twitter or Netflix to spur growth

“After hedge fund manager David Einhorn defended his proposal on CNBC that Apple offer current shareholders perpetual preferred stock to deliver value and put their cash to work,” Paul Toscano reports for CNBC. “Jim Cramer’s immediate reaction was to ask, ‘What the heck was he talking about?'”

“‘This is a great intellectual exercise and a novel idea, but I have a lot of novel ideas that would actually move the stock up because it would increase the growth rate,’ Cramer said,” Toscano reports.

“He suggested that his ‘novel’ ideas to spur growth for Apple included a major acquisition, such as Twitter or Netflix, given their large cash position,” Toscano reports. “‘I want growth, I’m sorry, I’m a traditional investor,’ said Cramer. ‘I have a suggestion for him: You can always sell the stock. If you don’t like what they’re doing, you can sell it.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “David E.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Cramer should buy a six pack of socks from Walmart and stick ’em in his pie hole. He and Ballmer should do a traveling Bozo show, screaming and flapping around like two meth addicted clowns.

    Rant over.

  2. Cramer needs to learn more about iTunes before he gets overwhelmed with himself and his “novel” ideas. He wants Apple to purchase Netflix. iTunes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple. iTunes generates over $11 billion in annual sales. Which is considerably more than Netflix produces. iTunes rents and sells movies. I know. That’s where I rent mine. Cramer needs to get a program and keep up. Thanks. You can return to your regular programming.

  3. This is why financial pundits shouldn’t be running companies. Cramer has no idea what it costs to deal with the management distraction of acquiring a company that doesn’t fit into your core business.


  4. look you use a “discount” card at the grocery store the store knows how much toilet paper you buy and can extrapolate from that how many times you use the throne. Facebook,twitter,myspace, push the vanity publishing thing to the masses. people are not getting jobs because of what is on their facebook page. Apple would never buy into this data mining narcissistic obsession. it is doing too well selling devices for us to use to make fools of ourselves. if apple wanted to make money by selling banner ads our desktops would be no different from windows with pop ups half ware and banners galore as you try to actually get stuff done . in spite of Cramers desire for growth for growths sake apple i think will wisely stay with whats working for them

    1. “people are not getting jobs because of what is on their facebook page.”
      I have warned my college age son, and some other older teens I know about this trend. People use FB as a sounding board, boasting and/or bitching about every personal thing to the world and it’s biting some of them in the ass. Facebook acts as a billboard of who you are to others, including employers. We were down to a few finalists to hire and we looked up all their profiles on Facebook. One did not get the job because of his anger and his rants of negative attitude toward women. This position had a female managers. On the other hand, we probably did him a favor not hiring him, he wouldn’t have been happy, but just sayin’…

  5. When you start doing the crap Crookmer suggests, managing your company to please dickweed analysts, you’re on the road to oblivion. Those that can do: those that can’t chirp from the sidelines.

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