Apple looking to reimagine user interface in iLife apps?

“Apple is recruiting for two Senior Software Engineers for the iLife development team and is looking for individuals who will be able to help ‘re-imagine how user interfaces should be built and work,'” AppleBitch reports. “The positions, posted today and yesterday, are based in in the California Campus and seem to be focused upon reinvigorating the UI for the iLife suite, which incorporates iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand.”

AppleBitch writes, “In the recent reshuffle of Apple’s Senior Staff, Jony Ive was given responsibility for Human Interface software teams in Apple, of which iLife will likely fall under his remit. It is likely, therefore, that the next major version of iLife will contain a significant UI revamp that reflects Ive’s design preferences.”

Full article here.

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  1. What about iDVD? why dont let this Apps to generate DVDs with HD contents as Toast does? Why don’t let iDVD burn o generate content for Blu-Ray?

    Why don’t give iDVD a new name?

    And YES there is A LOT of people world wide that need to BURN DISCS.

    iLife is not only for Apple-newbies, iOS freaks or tech nerds.

    1. I agree! I wish they would bring back iDVD and “modernize” it a bit to be able to save it on Blu-Ray, also as a .mov file, an .avi file as well as on DVD with HD content!
      I still like to burn it on disks!
      Why can’t Apple do this?

  2. And while Apple is looking for iLife engineers, it might also want to look for iWork engineers as well. I’m pleased to read that others who have posted here have noticed that iLife suffers from what appears to be the influence of MicroStupid geeks. Let’s hope that Apple is not looking for engineers whose mentality is tainted by MS indoctrination! Apple users want software programs that are intuitive and easy to use, not programs that are complicated, confusing, and counter-intuitive. iLife ’11 suffered was a victim of the aforementioned. Perhaps it’s time for Mac users to begin writing to the Apple Board of Directors to ask some serious questions about the direction and future of the Mac and quality Apple software (not the OS) to support it.

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