Apple’s 128GB ‘ultimate’ iPad aims to drive profits up a path competitors will have trouble duplicating

“Apple’s surprise unveiling of a new ‘fat’ iPad 4 model equipped with 128 gigabytes of storage expands the company’s tablet platform offerings into premium territory, a feat its competitors will have trouble duplicating,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“The introduction of a new high-capacity iPad is significant in several respects. First, Apple appears to have successfully ‘doubled down’ in securing secrecy as its chief executive Tim Cook promised to do last summer,” Dilger writes. “The first inkling of the new fat iPad was first floated over the weekend, just one business day before it was officially announced. ”

Dilger writes, “Perhaps more importantly, the surprise announcement also demonstrates how quickly (and unpredictably) Apple can shift direction… At first glance, Apple’s 128-gigabyte iPad doesn’t seem like much of an advance. After all, the company’s competitors won’t have too much difficulty in adding more memory to their own tablets. However, they’ll have a very hard time selling such a high end product, particularly at the same price Apple can charge.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Ah, the memories…

    It was 29 years ago when Apple announced the first Macintosh, equipped with an astounding 128 KB of memory. yep, that’s kilobytes. Now the “fat iPad comes with two orders of magnitude more memory at – what? – one fourth the cost?

  2. Love these predictions of products that won’t sell & the whys… Only slightly better than anal-ysts

    Anyways good luck to everyone if they think cloud stuff can’t be “legally acquired” for one reason or another…

  3. The thought does cross my mind, though … how is this hard to duplicate? Samsung has made its business to copy everything Apple does in a matter of weeks.

    It won’t be too long and some player will offer a 256 GB “ultimate” tablet. Did anyone not see this coming? Perhaps that’s why Wall Street is so unimpressed with Apple. Cook provides no product guidance for the future and rolls out incremental updates to existing products. No wonder tablet market share has steadily FALLEN under his watch. I don’t think upping memory is enough to stave off the competition, and certainly nowhere near enough to justify Apple’s continued high profit margins. Cook had better offer something more, and soon.

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