Microsoft blames PC makers for Windows 8 flop

“Microsoft blames PC makers for underwhelming Windows 8 sales over Christmas, The Register has learned,” Gavin Clarke reports for The Register. “The software giant accused manufacturers of not building enough attractive Win 8-powered touchscreen tablets.”

“But the computer makers are fighting back: they claimed that if they’d followed Microsoft’s hardware requirements and ramped up production, they’d have ended up building a lot of high-end expensive slabs that consumers didn’t understand nor want,” Clarke reports. “Gartner said last week that during Q4 2012 Windows 8 didn’t make a “significant impact” on PC shipments and other analysts said sales of Windows 8 are lagging Windows 7.”

Clarke reports, “Our well-placed source said that bad sales combined with PC makers “ignoring” Microsoft’s advice has left Redmond executives fuming. ‘Microsoft is very frustrated with major OEMs who didn’t build nearly enough touch systems and are now struggling to find parts and ramp up. Microsoft says they provided very specific guidance on what to build,’ our insider said.”

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because Microsoft is so good at building hardware/knowing what to build: $1+ billion Red Ring of Death charges, Big Ass Table, Zune, Kin, Surface tablet, etc.

Clarke reports, “The PC makers also blame Microsoft for sowing confusion with its Surface tablet. Among the manufacturers, it is perceived that the Microsoft-branded slab failed to educate users about the new touch user interface and distracted the software giant – leading to its failure to put adequate marketing muscle behind the launch of ordinary Windows 8 PCs.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows 8ista.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tayster” for the heads up.]

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  1. This argument is likely the same thing that was carried out on the bridge of the Titanic as she slipped into the icy waters of the Atlantic…..

    “No, it’s your fault!”
    “No, it’s your fault!”
    “No, it’s your fault!”

    1. Does that make Steve Ballmer the Captain and will he go down with this sinking ship that is MS. Maybe he will do as the Italian Captain Francesco Schettino and cowardly be the first to abandon ship.

  2. They thought people wanted the post-pc OS on their desktop, they were wrong. It’s nice to break away from the PC when you can, but there are still a lot of things that HAVE to be done on Windows (7 or earlier).

    1. It’s more than that. They also thought people wanted the desktop on their Post-PC device.

      Basically, MS still doesn’t understand what Apple has been working on for 10 years. As usual, MS thinks it can cut corners. As usual, MS thinks people will flock to something that says “Windows” on the box. As usual, they just don’t get it.

      They really thought they had put one over on Apple by somehow combining two OS’s into one. As though Apple was trying to get there but couldn’t, and MS was going to show them how to do it. Yay, “Windows everywhere!”

      Instead, they have shown how little they know about it all. Apple has a desktop and a mobile OS. MS has a one-size fits all. The irony is that OS X and iOS are twins under the hood, while Windows and Metro are two misfits cobbled together, each of which does half the job and jerks the user around.

      The other irony is that MS can’t put Windows everywhere: they are just getting into ARM now, and Metro has no depth — it’s like a cosmetic face lift to Zune or WinPhone. Windows itself isn’t on ARM, you need the Surface Pro which will run on Intel.

      In contrast, Apple has made OS X (via NextStep) truly processor/platform agnostic over the last decade. They have had it on PowerPC, Intel, ARM, etc. Apple is years ahead of MS in this regard. And this is because Apple is actually an engineering company, while MS is a Software vendor that relies on getting true inspiration from other sources, whether it was DOS, Danger, Mac OS, or what. I guess blood will out.

    1. Just like when your Dell PC doesn’t work and you call for customer service:

      Dell: “It’s a software problem. Call Microsoft.”

      Microsoft: “It’s a hardware problem. Call Dell.”

      Rinse: Repeat….

  3. You really, I mean, REALLY have to be crazy to say the thigs microsoft says.
    First, they are wasting billions in putting the Mac as a bad and expensive computer when the Mac is the best computer to run windows.
    Second, blaming pc builder when microsoft it self is building the crappy surface tablet or what ever (with help of some one, but it is microsoft branded).
    So what crap is inside microsoft to speak so much stupidity?

          1. Troy needs to spend more time here in Redmond riding the hobby horse with Ballmer, learning English “Damn Apple.” “Damn iPad”, “Damn iPhone.”. “Damn OEMs.”

      1. Can’t argue with that, but you gotta admit that Troy’s last line has a certain charm: “So what crap is inside microsoft to speak so much stupidity?” Downright Biblical — the King James version of tech commentary — or too many bong hits, or both.

  4. Apple needs to strike (again) while the iron is hot.
    Another series of “I’m a Mac” like commercials that compares Windoze Ate with OSXML. That is – IF Apple can ever get enough iMacs out the door.

    1. Secretly, the iMAC is the Apple’s new iTV.

      Once introduced with that new Name, those who really don’t know, the average consumer who isn’t interested i buying a computer… will buy a TV… this is how, Apple will sell a lot more iMacs – you just wait.

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