My Journey to the Dark Side: If this is what Android offers, Apple investors have nothing to worry about

“It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love technology. I’m also usually very loyal once I find a good brand that makes quality products. I used to only buy Hewlett-Packard computers, until I got my first Apple Macbook,” Chad Henage writes for The Motley Fool. “Being exposed to Apple’s technology made me a fan of the first iPhone, and not long after, I bought an iPhone 3G. Given this background, you would think when Apple introduced the iPhone 5 that I would have been itching to upgrade. However, just like Apple solved a problem for me by allowing the iPhone to replace my iPod and cell phone, I was looking for a smartphone that could replace my tablet as well.”

“I did a lot of research, watched video reviews, and read reviews about several devices from the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Of all of the choices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 seemed like the one that might be able to replace my tablet and cell phone,” Henage writes. “I figured if I were to make the jump from Apple’s eco-system to Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android system, the Galaxy Note 2 would be my chance.”

Henage writes, “If you are looking at buying Google because of the Android OS, don’t waste your time. Google is a great company, and the plethora of Android devices only serves to extend their lead when it comes to services like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps… However, if you are looking for a great device company, look at Apple. The company has tight control over its hardware and software offerings, and the difference in quality apps on iOS versus Android is stark… The tight integration of iCloud, better quality apps and consistent iOS experience is just better. Call me a fanboy if you want, but I’ve tried both systems, and if this is what Android offers, Apple investors have nothing to worry about.”

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  1. I swapped my 3Gs for a Galaxy S3 and I’m really happy with it. I won’t touch anything apart from Apple for my desktop needs but I’m really appreciating Android’s open nature which leads to better inter-app connections.

    I cringe when I read the “Apple will beat Android” and vice versa headlines as there is room for both in the market. Can you imagine “BMW will beat Audi and Audi will die”? No, because they cater for different types of buyers.

  2. After owning a 3GS then a 4G I decided I wanted a larger screen and the iPhone 5 didn’t meet that need. First I tried a HTC One XL. Too laggy, terrible battery life. Then I made the plunge and bought the one I really wanted, the Galaxy Note II.

    I am happy with it. But that’s about all. I like the large screen a lot, I like the stylus when I use it. But like the author, if these two phones are indicative of Android, I’d recommend iPhones to anyone.

    For me, screen size aside, there’s nothing compelling about Android.

    And it comes with its own raft of shortcomings (despite fandroids giving you the impression it can do anything coz it’s not walled. Ya – if you can find an app or hack the OS. Oh, that’s the same with iPhones… duh!)

    General usability is acceptable but still has that uncomfortable feel – like it could or should be better.

    The apps market is good, but there are some holes – I couldn’t find either a calendar or calculator app I liked, so I had to settle for. Mostly the problem was the goods ones are visually horrid. And that is a common problem on Android apps. There’s zillions of visually vomitous ones that make you want to rip your eyes out and stomp on them.

    One thing I do like about the Note is the keyboard’s predictive engine is brilliant, the best I’ve used – much better even than SwiftKey.

    And on Android, the widgets are a great idea too.

    Oh, one other thing, I often operate the Note one handed.

    However, most days I think about cutting my losses and going back to an iPhone. But I’ll wait and see what the iPhone 5S offers.

  3. I tried couple times to use an Android device. (Due to my work requirements of course.) Never really want to wonder anywhere further than necessary. It’s not that the Android has nothing good, but the overall experience just failed to come together. It feels like a very ‘Windowsy’ device, no soul, just features features features.

  4. It’s amazing when an article with a heading similar to this one appears on an Apple news site how many SamSung / gOOgle priests arise just to try and sway a couple of users with some serious preaching… What else could they be hoping to gain?

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