Google’s Larry Page: How well is your ‘thermonuclear war’ working, Apple?

“In one of the rare interviews he has granted as CEO, [Google’s Larry] Page recently discussed thinking big and other Googley issues with Wired at the company’s Mountain View, California, headquarters,” Steve Levy reports for Wired.

A snippet:

Wired: Steve Jobs felt competitive enough to claim that he was willing to ‘go to thermonuclear war’ on Android.

Page:How well is that working?

Full interview here.

MacDailyNews Take:

Google CEO Larry Page
Google CEO Larry Page
Pretty good, Larr.

Pretty, pretty, pretty good:

Apple rakes in 71% of the world’s smartphone profits – September 8, 2012

And, in honor of your visage:

Apple kicks Google’s Android in the teeth; $1.05 billion jury award may really be worth $450 billion – August 27, 2012

Suck on those fumes, Google-Boy. But, before you do, chew on this:

Steven P. Jobs Trust now making money off Motorola Mobility Android phones – November 3, 2012

Have fun trying to make it up on volume. Next time you see him, ask Mikey Dell how well that’s working.

Hey, maybe you could trot out yet another lackey on some stage somewhere to trumpet “activations?”

By the way, how’s your pet mole?

As we wrote back in November:

Android can be widespread and still demographically inferior precisely because of the way in which and to whom Android devices are marketed. Unending BOGO promos attract a seemingly unending stream of cheapskate freetards just as inane, pointless TV commercials about robots or blasting holes in concrete walls attract meatheads and dullards, not exactly the best demographics unless you’re peddling muscle building powders or grease monkey overalls.

Google made a crucial mistake: They gave away Android to “partners” who pushed and continue to push the product into the hands of the exact opposite type of user that Google needs for Android to truly thrive. Hence, Android is a backwater of second-rate, or worse, app versions that are only downloaded when free or ad-supported – but the Android user is notoriously cheap, so the ads don’t sell for much because they don’t work very well. You’d have guessed that Google would have understood this, but you’d have guessed wrong. Google built a platform that depends heavily on advertising support, but sold it to the very type of customer who’s the least likely to patronize ads.

iOS users are the ones who buy apps, so developers focus on iOS users. iOS users buy products, so accessory makers focus on iOS users. iOS users have money and the proven will to spend it, so vehicle makers focus on iOS users. Etcetera.

Android can have the “Hee Haw” demographic. Apple doesn’t want it or need it; it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.

[Attribution: Cult of Mac]

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      1. $GOOG stole IP that belongs to VRNG. EFVA Court jury ruled 100% for $VRNG. However, GOOG is fighting the result. Iniitial amount was minor because of an alleged mis-calculation by Jury. Award could be increased and possible trebled. Worst case for GOOG is about $1 billion over 4 years. IMO judge erred on API copyright in ORCL vs GOOG. Oracle is appealing. If Oracle prevails Android is toast or needs to be rewritten. Unfortunately this litigation mess takes forever. Payback may come with next earnings report. Can’t believe MMI and tablets are not a drag on GOOG earnings.

        1. Yes, but a judge will never let Android be toast no matter how much they stole. In his eyes, it would hurt the “public” too much . . . because the courts dragged their feet so long and allowed too many people to buy in.

    1. Interesting that Google Page used Android to go after the lowest common denominator phone user with “free” software to gather info from all Google services so he could resell it.

      Question is whether he would have done better to have licensed only to high end smart phones ala Apple to gain traction from high income users.

      1. Here’s a good read on that:

        Seems that for every Android phone Samsung sells it cannibalizes Google’s search business by moving searches from PC, where they make some money, to phones, where they actually lose money. No wonder they refuse to state profits from Android. There aren’t any, and search is moving away from them with every phone and tablet of any brand that is sold. Thermonuclear? Page doesn’t even know he’s doomed. Google is dead meat walking. Another Microsoft in just a few years.

  1. Larry Page: How well is your ‘thermonuclear war’ working, Apple?
    Apple: “You tell me, I’m taking 80% of the profits, iPad still kicking asses everywhere, Developers first code for iOS and last for android and if that’s not enough, I just won 1.3 BILLIONS from one of your partners in crime, I still have a lot of business going on (software, ads, macs and iPods), so, How well am I doing Larry?”

  2. Hey Larry, that horse, Mr. Ed, called, he wants his teeth back!

    Regarding story, if Samsung pays its fine, I reckon it’s working fine for Apple. How deep are your pockets Larry?

      1. Did I say that? No, I didn’t. And as soon as Apple dumps Samsung completely as a supplier, and drops Google as the default search engine in OS X, I’ll feel much better about buying new Apple products.

      2. Seriously, what is your point?

        Google mole on Apple’s board GONE before the thermonuclear war and lawsuits began.

        In the future when Apple secures components from anybody but Samsung, what will your point be then?

  3. No amount of money, not even Larry’s, can fix that case of the gummies.

    Here’s a hint, though, Larry: Whitening strips, at the very least. And smile less, you remorseless crook.

    You might also want to try not taunting a dead creative genius whose sandals you’re not fit to carry, you ugly SOB.

  4. This vampire blood sucking turdface is even worse than Schmidt. No, I take that back….they are equally douche.

    To think that Steve actually gave “ADVICE” to this fuckface while on his deathbed. What was he thinking? SJ always had a soft heart to see high tech flourish in Silicon Valley. His heart was to be like Mr Hewlett and Packard.They were there to help him when he needed them. But little did he know he was actually helping blood sucking SOB’s that wanted to see him die. The relief emanating from Samdung, Google and MS was all too palpable when he passed on. All too sad, but true.

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