The strange math of Apple’s alleged massive iPhone 5 component cuts

“The Sunday evening Wall Street Journal article claiming that Apple ad cut its iPhone 5 display orders drastically for the March quarter made quite a splash,” Tero Kuittinen writes for BGR. “The way WSJ wrote its piece seemed to support the original Nikkei claim about Apple cutting its iPhone 5 display orders in half from the originally planned order of 65 million units.”

“This would be a massive adjustment,” Kuittinen writes. “But Apple uses the same new display type for both iPhone 5 and the latest iPod touch. Neither WSJ nor Nikkei addressed this, however — both seem to be referring to just iPhone 5 displays.”

Kuittinen writes, “why did Nikkei publish a report stating that Apple had halved its display orders for the quarter from 65 million units? Nikkei was quite specific with the 65 million number. And it clearly tied it to iPhone 5 component orders, not total iPhone or iPhone 5 and iPod touch orders. In what world did Apple expect to order components for 65 million iPhone 5 handsets in the seasonally soft March quarter?”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Do remember that Apple announces their Christmas quarter results next week and the stock will shoot to the moon… this is the bears’ last chance to drop the stock before that so they can buy it cheap.

  2. The first quarter will be the best in the 36 years of Apple’s existence and it will not matter to Wall Street and the new math being used there. (See Amazon share price)

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