Canalys: Wintel PCs to continue hemorrhaging share

“Computers running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows software and Intel Corp.’s processors will continue losing market share to tablets and smartphones this year, according to researcher Canalys,” Lisa Rapaport reports for Bloomberg.

“So-called Wintel machines will grab 65 percent of the computer market this year, down from 72 percent in 2012, Canalys said,” Rapaport reports. “In the fourth quarter of last year, combined shipments of desktops, netbooks and notebooks declined about 10 percent from the same period in 2011.”

Rapaport reports, “‘Wintel PCs are becoming less likely as an individual’s first choice of computing device for everyday tasks, such as sending e-mail or Web browsing,’ Pin-Chen Tang, an analyst at Canalys, said in a research report. ‘Pads and, increasingly, smartphones can perform many of the day-to-day computing tasks that most people require.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sheesh, still 65%? What’s slower, the awakening of the masses or the effect of Minoxidil on Ballmer’s dome?

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  1. ITTIS

    (It’s the tile interface, stupid)

    It’s not only about iPad being able to do many of the things that full-blown PC’s can do. Microsoft blew it big time with the user interface of Windows 8. Anything that Windows 8 touches is going to be awful and fail miserably.

    1. Actually hemoraghing is an apt description of what is happening. Four/five years ago Wintels share was still well above 90%. Running at 65% today is a major drop, and likely to drop another 20 basis points in the next 3 years.

      By 2020 the dominant computing platform will most likely be iOS

      1. define “dominant”.

        To get any real work done, you (or someone in your company) needs UNIX, Mac OS, Windoze, or Linux. Tablets may replace newspapers and magazines and gaming consoles, but they inherently lack the cojones to accomplish productive work.

        Case in point: the 7th generation Corvette will debut in a week, with a new generation small block V8, the impressive LT1. Some of you here may not be gearheads, but automobiles move the world, deliver you all the food and goods you consume, and inspire millions of people through the culture, art, and sporting opportunities that the automobile offers. The bar is going to be raised again. Chevy reports that it put in more than 10 million hours of computational analysis to achieve the impressive performance gains in its new engine — the most powerful standard production V8 GM has offered. Initial specs look like it will embarrass world’s best, being impressively compact and light, offering one of the broadest powerbands, and one of the most fuel efficient engines per hp ever, even blowing away engines half its size in total operational efficiency. Much of the technology pioneered will eventually flow down to the lowly sedans that the average Walter Mitty drives.

        How many iPads do you think were required to enable this brilliant technological leap? This is just one random example. Entire industries, from automotive to aerospace to agriculture to home construction and the vast majority of commercial and home appliances — are designed, built, and operated without iOS or Android or Crackberry or Windoze Mobile.

        Take away iOS and you’d lose the icing on your cake. Take away hardcore UNIX, Mac, and Windows workstations and the world as you know it wouldn’t exist.

  2. There will be a tipping point. Not sure when. Maybe at 55 percent. Maybe at 51 percent. But whenever that moment happens, let’s raise a glass to MDN’s “As Long As It Takes”.

  3. MacDailyNews Take: Sheesh, still 65%? What’s slower, the awakening of the masses or the effect of Minoxidil on Ballmer’s dome?

    Ballmer’s dome is always so sweaty that any medication merely drips out and flushes away and Ballmer’s Baldness is hair to stay!

  4. LINUX makes for a better server, Mac a better client, iOS and Fandroid better mobile devices. Anything is better embedded- just ask Ford about S(t)ync by Microsoft.

    1. Ford must be getting one hell of an incentive to continue to use Windows in their cars – especially with the low marks they’ve gotten for all the problems with it. After all, it took BMW just one year to ditch Microsoft and go with Wind River, and their system gets high marks for usability.

  5. It takes awhile as people’s computers work and they won’t replace until they have a problem or some other event in their life creates the need or want to change …..

    Slowly but surely they are moving away from the PC and even MacBooks and Desktops …..

    Personally I create stuff on a desktop ad I love my MacAir for portability and screen size for my other needs and my iPad and iPhone so all will be with me for many years but for my wife and kids they mostly only need their iPad and iPhones ……. No more puters for them ….. They mostly now just sit and take space!

  6. This statement is becoming a universal truism: Pads and, increasingly, smartphones can perform many of the day-to-day computing tasks that most people require.

    Cap’n Obvious indeed.

  7. Thanks Gary, thought I’d finally seen a discussion on MDN where a right wing republican nut job wasn’t trying to tie politics into a discussion about computers.

    For the sake of all that is holy


    Some of us don’t live in the US and couldn’t care less.

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